Hard Drive Data Recovery Solution: Find Out Why It is Required!

Failure of Hard Drive is an unpleasant fact for all the users. If un-replaceable data is being saved on the HDD then, unfortunately, it fails, and will lead to loss. In the succeeding section of this article, we will have a discussion on what factors affect the functioning of hard drive, what are the symptoms of HDD failure, the methods that could be adopted to recover data from it with advantages of opting for hard drive recovery software.

Hard Disk Drive: How It Works and Gets Damaged!

A hard drive comprises of various moving parts that includes magnetic platters for the purpose of storing data, which is being revolve around itself through motorized spindles. Around the platters moves a read/write arm that is responsible for accessing the information and adding up more data. Due to any reason, if any of the magnetic part of systems’ hard drive does not work properly, the entire drive fails to perform. However, every part of HDD works with accuracy and so that fact is it works with excellence.

The high-risk case of failure is when the hard disk undergoes head failure. In that situation, the data is lost permanently. The data will can be recovered only from those sections of the drive that has platters unaffected.

The reasons could be non-mechanical too. For example, the file and folder in hard drive is saved in a specific structure that is called index. If the index is damaged, data read/write will not be made possible (however, the data will be available on the system).

There are other scenarios where a user loses data. For example: Connection of hard drive with the system breaks down. There are various connectors between the HDD and the motherboard like PATA, IDE, SATA, etc. Under this situation also, the consequences will be similar to that of hard drive failure.

How to Discover Issues with Hard Disk Drive?

Most of the time, any trouble with HDD will not be known with any warning. On one minute, you might be working on your system and the next minute a “blue screen of death” pops up on screen and the data is lost. Therefore, the lesson here to learn is warning messages do not give any clear indication about failure of hard drive. So, assuming that any time your data can be lost due to any reason and so it is very important that you are prepared with a backup copy of critical data to recover Windows hard drive.

However, damage to some mechanical components can lead to data loss. In such case, two types of warning will be received at your end: Sounds and performance issues.

Therefore, if you are one amongst those users who spend a large share of their days’ time sitting in front of computer, then you will probably notice some unusual sounds from the hard drive. If it is so, then there is some problem with HDD. These noises include that grinding (that indicates spindle motor failure), clanging, clicking (indicates problem with read/write arm slam). Talking about the performance issues, it could include often freeze-ups.

How to Repair Hard Drive to Recover Data?

If there is mechanical failure to hard drive, then it is a bit difficult to recover Windows data from drives. However, the good news is that the problem can be fixed but professional hands are required to repair it and even hundreds and thousands of dollars are required. This is because the recovery process is done in a clean room as a dust particle on platter can ruin the recovery process.

However, you can also repair the hard drive by replacing the damaged part of it with parts of exactly same version and model. However, this can be a challenging job as it is possible to replace the circuit board but while it comes to spindle motors or actuators, it is quite difficult. Along with this, if the hard drive is being opened by you, its warranty will be spoiled.

When the problem is related to damage to the index structure, there is a built-in utility called fdisk in Operating System that can be utilized. For this, partitions in the drive are to be changed or the drives are needed to be formatted. However, this will lead to data loss.

Another solution to deal with HDD related issues like corruption of data, deal hard drive data recovery, formatting of drives, partition data damage leaving it inaccessible, mechanical or index corruption etc. is to rely upon disk recovery software.

There are solutions now days in the market that gives a way out to recover data from the hard drive after various data loss scenarios. A reliable one can be selected online for retrieval of data can be availed for quick and reasonable recovery. A reputed name amongst several vendors is BitRecover Data Recovery software that allows restoring data from dead/healthy hard drive owing to situations like deletion, formatting, corruption.
BitRecover Hard Drive Data Recovery Software Recovery Options: Deleted Data Recovery, Formatted Data Recovery, Partition Data Recovery, Raw Data Recovery and Create Disk Image
Hard Drive Data Recovery software is an excellence offering solution by the company BitRecover that enables users to retrieve data from HDD in various scenarios. The software firm is involved in rendering its services in different domains like email migration, MS Office file repair, password recovery and many more.

Prominent Features of BitRecover Data Recovery Software Tool

  • 100% secure to recover the data.
  • No external application is required.
  • Preserves the integrity of data.
  • Recovers bulk of data at once.
  • Operable on all Windows OS.

Summing Up

In the above-discussion, we have come up with the complete solution for Hard Drive data recovery. If you still have any doubt then, freely drop the comment below.

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