India takes a digital leap dedicated to the glorious history of Indian Railways

In an effort to bring forth the minted past of the Indian Railways, 22 major stations all across our country were listed to receive their very own “Digital Museum” as decided by our Railway Ministry. This launch happened on 15th August in the event of 72nd Independence Day in India. The news of this addition to the stations came after the officials confirmed the same on 11th August.

However, this project is just the part of a major plan which involves spreading the messages from the past all over the country. As planned by the Ministry, the heritage of Indian Railways can be seen engulfed in a video clip that ranges between duration of one to two minutes. All the stations selected for this project were provided LED screens that have been fitted at the entrance of the stations as well as the comfort zones. However, screening in the platform region has been avoided given the fact that it can create an unnecessary crowding situation.

The movie contains a mix of the heritage buildings of the area, locomotives, and similar things related to the Indian Railways that will help people understand and be aware of what makes up the current flourishing scenario of Indian Railways that expands over 1000s and 1000s of miles all across the country.

According to an official involved in the project, this new inclusion didn’t require any new expense given the fact that the stations already had LED screens in the vicinity. This particular digital move was initiated after the office of the current Prime Minister objected to the creation of new railway museums. A digital remembrance of the past will save a significant amount on the overall railway budget as well as save space.

As of now, this virtual service is available at stations such as Agra Cantonment, Jaipur, Katihar, Lucknow, Erode, etc. All this started back when Piyush Goyal, the Railway Minister visit Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus in the month of November last year. This railway station which has been deemed as a World Heritage Site was ordered by the minister to be converted into “World-Class Museum”.

The Indian Railways has been one of the oldest heritages of the country that boosted the development of this nation. It has been operational for more than 180 years and started in the year 1837. The very first train started from Red Hills all the way to the Chintadripet Bridge located in Madras which has now been renamed to Chennai.

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