Top Benefits of Using Code to Text Ratio Tool; How to Access It Online?

Code to Text Ratio The way search engines work has evolved over the years. The algorithms used by search engines today are not the same algorithms that were used by search engines a decade back. And this is all for the good. It is important to note that search engines take into account a lot of factors. But not all factors matter the same. When Google started, Google Page Rank was an algorithm introduced by Larry Page who is one of Google’s founders. Google Page Rank is an algorithm that finalizes a page’s authority to rank on search engines by taking in account the quality and quantity of links associated with that certain page. Code to text ratio is one such factor. However, its importance is debated by SEO experts. Here is what it is, how it can be calculated and if or not it matters in search engine rankings today.

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What is code to text ratio?

What is code to text ratio all about All the websites are created through programming. You may have used software like WordPress to create your website or you may have outsourced this task but this is what goes into creating a website. The language used by Google and websites to communicate is that of coding. The total code of a page would include all the content on that page. It includes the text, video and graphic content. Just like the term code to text ratio indicates, it is the ratio of the total code present on the web page (text, video and images) to the text content on the web page. It was used as an important ranking factor in earlier times. The higher to code to text ratio of a web page, the more text content it contains on its page.

Is code to text ratio important in SEO?

How important is code to text ratio in SEO Code to text ratio was an important SEO factor before. Because more content meant better content, people thought that code to text ratio would be the benchmark for good content. However, times have changed. More words don’t equate quality content today. In fact, with the advancement of technology, people have busier lives. They don’t want any content that is verbose. They want content that is precise. Anyone who can deliver quality and value in limited words is a great writer today. On the other hand, code to text ratio is the opposite of what modern standard for number of words is. According to Google, code to text ratio is a design choice. It shows how much text is placed in the web page and not how great is that work. In entertainment articles like that of Buzzfeed, you would not find a lot of words. In fact, they are filled with Gifs and images. This does not mean that the quality of their content is not great. It just means that they share a different sort of content than what used to be the standard of entertainment a decade back.

How to check code to text ratio?

You can check your code to text ratio online by using a code to text ratio checker. Today, using a code to text ratio checker can help you make design choices for your website. You can use this tool to know if the amount of text is in accordance with the amount of text you had in mind. On the tool, you will find that it is free and easy to understand. Just share with it the link you want to check the code to text ratio for. The tool does the rest of the job for you. In modern SEO, it is true that code to text ratio is not the most relevant ranking factor, but you can still use this tool to yield other fruits. You can know how well is the text placed in your content. Just make a Google search of ‘code to text ratio finder’ and it should do the rest of the job.

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