10 Things that Google Check for Ranking your Blog

The PR of your Blog plays a vital role in making it a success or failure. You won’t start getting a traffic from SERP if your blog does not have a good Page Rank.

What’s Your Google Page Rank?

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

Google uses a private formula to rank sites, that formula is not shared with the world. This formula somewhat consists of 200 points that Google looks in a Website or Blog. Out of those 200 points, I will share 10 points with you. I used the term SERP couple of times that stands for Search Engine Results Page.

  1. Age of your Blog
    The older your blog is, the more it will be preferred by Google. That is the reason new blogs take some time in getting traffic from SERP.
  2. Freshness of Content
    What is the last time your Blog was updated? Does your Blog contains fresh content or it is being neglected by you?
  3. Is it a Dot Com Site?
    Dot com sites perform well SEO wise, rest of the TLDs come after that. So make sure you have dot com domain.
  4. Images with proper Alt Tags
    Your images should contain proper Alt Tags, because Google can not read the image but it can read the alt tag to show it on SERPs.
  5. Is it easy to crawl Site?
    Your blog should contains links that are easy to crawl. For this purpose you can submit the sitemap of your site regularly to Google.
  6. Blog Title and Description
    Does your Blog have a proper Title and Description? It helps Google in determining the niche of your Blog.
  7. Meta Description
    Does your posts contain proper Meta Descriptions? It is the text that is showed below the title of your post on SERP, and it should contain common keywords.
  8. What your Robots.txt file says?
    Does your robots file allow search engines to crawl your site? This thing is very vital, if the robots.txt is poorly configured then it can block out the search engines from showing your site on SERP.
  9. Is there 404 Not Found page?
    Your blog should contain a proper 404 Not Found page, that will help in directing your visitors to other place.
  10. Loading Time of Your site
    This aspect is kind of new, now Google also considers the loading speed of your site. If your site takes long time in loading then it will not be a good sign in Google point of view.
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