5 Tips to Choose the Right Air Cleaner

Air purification has turned from a luxury to necessity for households, especially with the rising issues of allergies, asthma attack, and respiratory ailments due to air pollution and its rising trends. The level of chemical contaminants along with biological allergens that pollute the air inside the homes is the reason Environmental Protection Agency states that poor quality of indoor air could be one among the major 5 health risk provocateur present in the environment.

Levoit Air Cleaner or Air Purifier
Levoit Air Purifier

Air cleaners have become an important addition to keep oneself and the family safe from the pollutants that can degrade your health. So when picking up an air cleaner for your home, you need to remember certain things that are important when investing in a significant health contributor.

1-The Technology:

The most important fact that one needs to remember is that no technology is cent percent perfect. Even the manufacturers understand this which is why they ensure that complementing technologies are used for the air purifiers for smoke odor or other pollutants that can be found inside the house. For example, the HEPA filters are amazing when it comes to capturing the minute particles, but do not work properly when it comes to the volatile chemicals or bad odors. On the other hand activated carbon based filters are perfect for the things that cannot be taken care of by the HEPA filters. A mix of these technologies can produce the best air cleaners.

2-Size of your room:

Make sure you purchase the filter by addressing the size of your room. You would be investing in something that is useless if the room is too big for the filter. So make sure you measure the overall size of the room to ensure that you get the right kind of purifier for your room. The in-duct air purifiers could help when it comes to cleaning the air inside the home but the purifiers dedicated to a single room is way better when it comes to keeping it squeaky clean.

3-Delivery rate of clean air:

CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate effectively defines the portability of an air filter when it comes to reduction of dust, smoke, or pollen particles present in the air ranging between 0.10-11 microns. A purifier that house higher CADR gets you faster purification rate. This is why CADR can actually be a critical element to be considered when purchasing an air filter.


Having the best features at an affordable cost is nothing less than a dream come true. Make sure you compare, research, and buy the air purifier you are about to bring home. There might be instances when you might have come across sellers providing your favorite purifier at discounted rates. So make sure you do not miss such opportunities when looking for air purifiers.


It is obvious that something that cleans the air inside your house needs to be cleaned too. But make sure you do not end up cleaning the machine every now and then. Always ensure that the seller provides regular maintenance for the machine with low maintenance requirements.

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