6 SEO Trends That You Should Watch Out For In 2019

SEO is one of the most significant digital marketing tactics that businesses cannot manage without. It enables you to take your site to the top of search rankings, provided that you do it the right way. Besides making sure that your tactics are on the right track, another thing to do is to follow the trends so that you can get the best results fast and with minimal efforts. As the New Year is approaching fast, it would be just right to know all about the SEO trends that are predicted to rule in the coming time. Here are some of the SEO trends that you should watch out for in 2019.

6 SEO Trends That You Should Watch Out For In 2019 1
SEO Trends 2019

1. Understanding the user intent will be the key

To start with, nothing will be more important that the user because Google prioritizes the sites that focus on delivering seamless user experiences. This New Year, start afresh by building your buyer persona and understanding what they exactly want. Optimize your site with the right kind of keywords, considering what the users are most likely to search. Also, relevance and value that the content delivers to the user is as important as keyword optimization. If you are able to facilitate a seamless journey for the user, your site will definitely be able to make it to the top.

2. Content will be more important than ever

Quality content remains a solid ranking factor in Google's latest update
Quality content remains a solid ranking factor in Google’s latest update

With the algorithm updates of 2018, Google will be focusing more and more on the quality of content that a website offers. Only a site that provides exceptional depth in the content quality will be able to reach the top of search rankings in 2019. This means that you will have to tweak you content strategy and deliver nothing but the best, whether it is on the website pages, product descriptions, blog posts or articles. The idea is to publish content that moves, motivates, engages and connects with your potential buyers. Similarly, user-generated content like reviews, testimonials and user stories will become more important.

3. A site will reach nowhere unless it is optimized for voice search

As voice searches came to the forefront this year, there will be no room for the websites that are not optimized for them. Those who are still considering if SEO is the right option for you, the need for voice optimization affirms the answer yes. The reason is that you will need to fine tune the entire content with the right keywords that are aligned with the voice search strategy. Here, it becomes important to understand the difference between the conventional keywords and the conversational ones that are searched when a visitor searches through voice.

4. Being mobile-friendly will be a norm

As the smartphone usage grows at a booming pace, it is not surprising to know that almost half of the Google searches are made via mobile devices. With this, survival of business websites in the future will be completely dependent on their mobile-responsiveness. A website that is not optimized for delivering seamless experiences on mobile devices will be penalized by Google and will not be able to achieve high search rankings. Being mobile-friendly is another important SEO trend that you will need to embrace in 2019.

5. Video content will be a game-changer

Just like voice, video content will be a game-changing SEO trend in the coming year and websites will have to make video optimization a part of their SEO strategy. Videos are gaining popularity because they have the power to engage the audience and hold them better than textual content does. Keeping pace with this trend will be possible only if you create relevant YouTube videos and optimize them to rank as well.

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6. Integration with social will be needed to strengthen SEO

Even though social media has always played a key role in digital marketing, it will become all the more important in the coming year. Integrating your SEO strategy with a solid social media plan will not be a choice in future. Your first step should be to encourage social sharing by the users to extend your online reach and bring in more traffic through the social channels. Having clearly visible social share buttons on your website works and so does posting content that is share-worthy. 

Considering these innovative SEO trends that you will need to follow in 2019, there is a lot that you will have to do to start with and throughout the year as well. Partnering with expert SEO professionals would be the best approach because they can help you in fine tuning your tactics for the best results.

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