Give Your Daily Social Networking a 90’s Twist with Hiwe

A social network that brings something new (or old) is bound to pique the interest of anyone who uses the said platform regularly. “Old” in this regard does not necessarily mean obsolete. Think of the way people used to chat in their phones in the 1990s. It starts off with pictures dealing with any topic under the sun, then everyone shares their thoughts and opinions about it.

That’s practically what Hiwe, a social network that means to cater to people fond of that practice, offers to users. You will be asked to sign up using your email, much like how most social networks operate. You get to set your gender and age, along with the any username you want. You will be able to immediately start using the features of the app once you are done with the registration process.

Hiwe Social Networking App: See what people talk about and join a chatting room.
Hiwe app

Users can jump right in the middle of the picture-sharing that practically every user of the app does. You will find that majority of the pictures being shared are of people wanting to make themselves known to other app users. All pictures have their accompanying title. The titles are what give the subsequent discussions about each picture direction. They serve as a way of encouraging others to start sharing their thoughts too.

Take note that every picture you share is based on and is included in what is called in-app as a Memo. Yours Memo is basically your own chat room within Hiwe that you can manage and invite other people into. These Memos really give anyone great freedom in determining the topic that he wants to talk about and regulating the number of people that could share their opinions and thoughts about the topic.

For anyone who wants to share their comments, you can readily do this as long as the picture is accessible in your feed. This is something that you can expect from a social networking site and Hiwe is certainly wise to include an aspect that even younger generations are familiar with.

Hiwe Social Networking App: Chat about amazing ideas. Discuss similar interests.

You can begin any new memo by tapping on Drop memo. It will ask you for the picture that you will upload, the location where it was taken as well as the language that you intend to use to begin chatting. With that said, it’s certainly worthy of being called a social network that can stand on its own based on this unique feature alone.

The profile-building that involves uploading a picture of yourself and adding friends are still there. But the way in which users interact with each other primarily through photos and images certainly provides a truly different social networking experience.

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