Perform Cross Browser Testing Across 2000+ Browsers Using LambdaTest

Perform Cross Browser Testing Across 2000+ Browsers With Just One Click Using LambdaTest

Building a new website is pretty tough task as it is, but when it comes to the testing period we’ve seen developers simply fall behind schedule time and time again. See the whole point behind this is the fact that there are thousands of things that you need to take care of while testing, you’ve to try out different environments and see which one works best for you. There is also the task of emulating different browsers and checking whether your app is compatible with different configurations on different browsers. And this is just the testing period. There is the whole debugging phase that we haven’t even touched.

If you’re someone who is/has been going through what we just described, being stuck in the testing period due to lack of time. Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. A solution that’ll allow you to outsource your entire browser testing phase and let you jump directly into debugging and launch.

The solution we have for you today, is a little something called Cross Browser Compatibility Testing, and it is brought to you by a service called LambdaTest.


What is LambdaTest?

LambdaTest is an online service that allows users to run selenium automation tests on scalable and extremely reliable cloud based selenium grids. You get to choose from over 2000 browser and OS customisations that you can test your Web Application on.

Features of LambdaTest


Parallel Testing

With LambdaTest you can run multiple tests on various configurations of machines parallelly. Meaning that you now saves hours of time on compile time alone, let alone the entire task of making sure that each element of your web app works correctly. With LambdaTest you get some of the best test build times on the market making sure that you have more time on your hands to look into more pressing issues.

Mobile Response Test Tool

LambdaTest not only lets you cover every browser and OS combination possible but also have access to test out your web app on multiple mobile devices running different version of Android or iOS, with support for all the different screen sizes available today. This helps you ensure that your app functions just as well on mobile devices as it does on Browsers.

Automated screenshots to help you visualise what you really need

LambdaTest allows you to see your results in the form of automated screenshots that are clicked for each and every configuration that you run tests on. These screenshots help on visualise what their results are looking like and also make it easier for developer to identify and solve problems, if any.

Test Locally Hosted Pages

With LambdaTest you don’t even need to have launched your website/ web app to run test on it. With the help of this amazing service you can run tests on web apps that are locally hosted on your machine. You can do all this without having to even make the pages go live.

Brilliant Collaboration Tools

With this service you can log issues directly while you’re running the tests on different configurations, and make use of their inbuilt issues tracking tool that allows users to create new logs, assign tasks to different team members and much much more.

LambdaTest is a brilliant service that allows users to run cross platform browser compatibility testing on over 2000 configurations. As a web developer it is one of the most vital tools to have up your sleeve when it comes to you beating your rivals to launch. We highly recommend you checking this service out!


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