Brilliant Ideas To Beat Boredom At Work

Lack of interest, while scrolling presentations or excel sheets, sipping coffee after coffee. Checking the clock at regular intervals, are some of the things we tend to do while getting bored at our workplace. The more the work gets tedious and monotonous we tend to get more annoyed. To help you beat boredom, here are some easy and brilliant ideas you can do at work.

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Awareness Of Company Benefits

While working for a company, you should always be aware of the benefits provided to you, spend some time reviewing the following:

  • Medical benefits
  • Retirement policies
  • Cab reimbursements
  • Provident fund benefits
  • The gym offers if any provided by the company
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Taking Part In Fun Activities

Take a break for some time from your work. Engage yourself in talking to your colleagues and connect with varied programs at work (for example you may take part in cultural events and participate in them). You may also volunteer yourself for any fun-filled activities like playing music or online quiz. Discuss with your HR person and distribute such emails for active participation by other colleagues as well.

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Clean Up Your Computer

A great way to kill boredom and use the time effectively is to clean up unnecessary files and folders from your computer. You should clean up your desktop and arrange all the necessary icons according to your convenience. Remove all the unwanted items from the recycle bin; this will help to derive space in your computer.

Clean Up Your Computer

Enroll Your Name For Upcoming Training

Learning can never have an end. So you may, of course, apply for future training projects (for example six sigma, lean, etc.) by your company to get certification and it can enhance your skill set as well. For enrolling your name, you may talk to your line manager or HR executive to recommend your name.

Mass Enrolling Tips 2019

Evaluating Self Performance

Before practicing evaluation of self performances, make sure you have already a goal. While evaluating check on the positive and beneficial things keep track of your weaknesses as well where you need to work on and improve.

Performance Evaluations - Performance Review.


One of the best ways to make your body movement and posture correct is exercise. Sitting stagnantly for an extended time period in front of a system makes your body lethargic, and you gain fat unnecessarily leading to health issues.

You can surely opt for a few sitting exercises and breathing exercises to calm your body and mind. Whenever you get time, walk for a little. It helps in blood circulation in your body and will also help you to kill your boredom.

Desk Push-Up : Best Exercise You Can Do at Your Desk.

De-Cluttering Your Office Desk

De-cluttering your office desk is one of the great ways to beat the boredom. You have to prioritize your essential things first. Assigning spaces for everything is the prime principle for de-cluttering your desk. Keeping a desk clean plays one of the roles in system security.

  • Make space for your desktop/laptops.
  • Usage of keyboard and laptop stand helps to derive the right amount of space at your desk. Not only this, usage of these stands can help you for better vision and body posture alignment as well.
  • You may put up your daily goals or positive affirmation quotes in front of your desk to stay motivated.
  • Cleaning the unwanted papers and files from the desk to the drawers are advisory. Unwanted documents can be shredded with the help of a shredding machine.
  • Pens, pencils rulers need to be accumulated and kept in small boxes.
Clean Up Your Desk

Online Activities

Most people check on their social media accounts or read an online newspaper to get rid of boredom while working. There are online games as well which people love to play while they are at their breaks. You can edit and update your LinkedIn account too.

You can use mobile stands at your desk for playing online games or scrolling your Instagram feed. You may also click amazing pictures at your workplace and share it on the social platform.

Online Activities

Taking Breaks

Working for long hours usually becomes quite stressful; please take breaks if you get bored while working. This will bring on some encouragement and will energize you to work more effectively.

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Team Outing/Gathering

This is one of the favorite time-killing factors which can automatically make you feel good. For example, it’s midweek and you are stuck with too much work pressure you can easily plan an online potluck with your colleagues. This will keep you entertained for a good amount of time.

You and your team members may order favorite food online and gather together and spend some good time and then get back to work. You can also plan for a team outing with your managers and colleagues.

Group Outing


There will be times when we get bored at work and it affects our productivity. You don’t have to force yourself to do all the tasks, especially when you’re not motivated to do so. With the awesome ideas mentioned above, you’ll surely find a way to recharge yourself and find that motivation again to work efficiently!

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