How To Start Your Own SEO Marketing Business?

How To Start Your Own SEO Marketing Business?

Supposing you are one of those who has excellent expertise in the field of Search Engine Optimization. For many years, you have been merely working as an employee of a company. The traffic is starting to get the best of you, and you are losing precious time to be with your family instead. Hence your clamor to learn how to start a SEO business. If you are leaning towards this goal, here is how you can open your own SEO business:

1. Hold training and seminars.

As an SEO expert who is trying to start their own business, one of the most foolproof ways for you to market yourself is to hold conventions and seminars. Before you launch your business, you have to show prospective clients in the field of business that you know what you are talking about. When these clients hear about you, you now have an opportune time to promote your SEO marketing business and encourage them to take in your services.

2. Make partnerships with others in the industry.

The digital marketing world is indeed a vast one, and there are many SEO specialists with whom you can create a network. Use this network to your advantage for you to gain more clients, and to make yourself known in the industry. For example, in Search Engine Optimization, there may be aspects in which you need help with as these are not your strengths. Suppose you know someone who is an expert in link building.

Build a partnership with this so that you can outsource link building to an expert. Doing so will take one load off your shoulders, wherein you can better focus on your strengths. Plus, when you partner with other experts, you are also marketing yourself in a way, as the clients of your partners will also know about you. Remember that no matter what business you are creating, often, it is not how much you know, but who you know in the industry.

3. Offer free consultations.

When you create your SEO marketing business, it is an undisputed fact that you will also have a website and social media sites. In these media, offer promotions for free consultations to first-time clients. Think of it as giving away a free trial period to allow prospective clients time to test the waters first, showing them that, indeed, you are an expert in this field.

One of the most common techniques done by newbie companies is for them to give away the first two sessions for free. Use this period to your advantage by proving to these clients that they should choose to hire your SEO marketing services, among others.

Along with this free consultation, set up live chat sessions, too, on your website and social media pages. During these live sessions, the prospective clients can ask you questions about SEO, which is a way for you to promote your expertise as well.

4. Create your brand.

Branding is vital in any business, and this is no different with your SEO marketing business. When you create your very own brand, focus on the following:

  • Your logo
  • Your tagline

These two points are important for you to create, as this is what makes a mark on your clients’ minds. You should have something for these clients to associate you with. For example, when clients see your logo, they can immediately remember that this is your company, this is what you offer, and this is what your promise is. When you go about your branding process, don’t do it haphazardly, as this is one thing that stays with permanence. You cannot just wake up one day and decide that, after a month, you would like to rebrand again.

5. Have an excellent website.

No SEO marketing business can thrive without a website. In the world of digital marketing, it is through websites and social media sites that prospective clients can contact you, read about you, and browse through the services that you offer. Because you are putting yourself out as an expert in SEO, you have to practice what you preach.

Show your clients that you indeed know what you are talking about, as you have an excellent website that also ranks well. Some aspects of your website that you should remember are the following:

  • Integrate white space, especially in headlines
  • Organize and separate topics and services by tabs
  • Always have a Home, and Search tab
  • Make your website easy to navigate through
  • Don’t forget the “Contact Us” option

6. Offer an affordable price range.

As much as you might like to go for a price range that is at par with the services that you offer, as well as your SEO expertise, remember that you are still starting in the industry. You are still building your name and presence. For starters, therefore, you should offer an affordable price range first. Having an affordable and competitive price can entice clients to go for your services, among others.

7. Go for cold calling.

Because you are still a new business, you have to strive to win new clients, too. Apart from all the previously mentioned means, go for cold calling, also. Cold calling refers to the process of calling prospective clients from a contacts list that you determined through researching. Although cold calling can seem daunting, it is still one of the most effective ways for you to gain new clients. Take advantage of these calls for you to do a quick sales talk about your SEO services.

8. Hire your team.

No business is ever complete with a team of professionals to help you out. You will become more successful in your endeavor if you open yourself up to an excellent team. Apart from your capital, you should also invest in your workforce. Be very careful during your selection process, and give yourself the time to make the best decision of who is the most suitable candidate to be hired.

Remember that your team plays a vital role in the success of your business. Without your team, the day-to-day operations of your SEO marketing business will cease.


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Starting your own SEO marketing business is just like opening any other company. It is stressful, time-consuming, and it will take so much effort on your part. However, when you start reaping the benefits of your labor, you will also begin to see how all the hard work is worth it. Not only are you your own boss, but you are also doing something that you love.

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