8 Ways To Light Up Your House With RGB LED Strips

When you have to accentuate your house, you don’t need to toss everything out and start all over again. Flexible, thin and adaptable to almost every surface, LED strip lights are the best option to emphasize your home. These lights save a lot of energy and are cost efficient making it one of the most affordable options.

You can use RGB LED strips for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Having said all this, let’s drop the jaw of our guests with some well-curated RGB LED strip light ideas. These setups are amazingly extraordinary that they will make you go wow as you go through the article.

RGB Lit Kitchen

RGB LED Kitchen Accent Lighting
RGB LED Kitchen Accent Lighting | Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/2744449744572637/

How about starting with our kitchen? We often miss the kitchen while accentuating our place, but it should be the first one to be done. Here, RGB Strip lights are showing their magic over the ceiling and under the shelves. This RGB LED strip lighting idea in the kitchen looks so amazing that you would not like to come out of your kitchen. You can customize the RGB LED light color and the warmth as you desire. You can also make a combination of different LEDs over the ceiling and under the shelves.

Bed Headboard

Headboards are the hottest thing this year. Adding that extra bit of RGB LED strip lights can work wonders if installed elegantly. You can install RGB LED strip light hidden under the headboard or a bit on the surface, whichever you like more. Here you can see the magic of RGB LED strip light with a hint of color doing wonders in enhancing the ambiance of the room.

Soulful Stairs

LED stair lights and step lights can light up indoor or outdoor staircase.
LED Stair Lights and Step Lights | Source: https://www.inspiredled.com/product/3-accent-stairs-hardwired/

Here are the stairs to stare at. RGB LED strip lights can seriously work wonders when done with the right imagination. No words can explain the beauty of the effect that RGB LED strips have created over here. You cannot stop yourself from installing RGB LED strip lights between the steps of your staircase after going through this super awesome idea. Get ready to illuminate every step you take up your stairs.

Marvelous Mirror

If you have a mirror in your house, then this idea is going to drop the jaw of your guests! You can easily install this chic idea. I am damn sure, by now you have already planned to install RGB LED strip lights at the back of your mirror, haven’t you?

Classy Curtains

Curtain Lights: LED Mini String Light Curtains
LED Mini String Light Curtains | Source: https://www.yardenvy.com/diy/curtain-lights

I am sure you haven’t come across this beautiful idea of using RGB LED strip lights before this. You just need to add an RGB LED strip light of your choice on the ceiling just above the curtains as you can see in the picture. You are all set up to spread the magic of lights in your room or wherever you want your curtains.

Alluring Aquarium

8 Ways To Light Up Your House With RGB LED Strips 1
Jellyfish Aquarium with LED Lights | Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/744431013379627571/

If you have an aquarium in your place, then you are definitely going to love this idea. You can install the RGB LED strip light at the edge of the aquarium to give it an alluring look. You can add a single strip if you want moderate light and multiple strips to add more light. You and your guests would not be able to get your eyes off it. This is one of the best ways to light up your house using RGB LED strips.

Charm Over Ceilings

Ways To Light Up Your House With RGB LED Strips - Ceiling Lights LED
LED Strip Lights | Source:  https://www.directtradesupplies.co.uk/blog/install-led-strip-lights/

Let’s decorate our ceilings with versatile RGB LED strips. You will be so relaxed to see these beautiful ceiling lights while you fall asleep. You can totally customize the view of your eyes by using a different combination of RGB LED strips over the ceiling. It generally looks good around the edges. However, it’s completely up to you if you want to install them in the middle or away from the edges.

Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp With Concrete Base
LED Desk Lamp With Concrete Base | Source: https://youtu.be/a5yiMhJaGCo  

This is also a great idea to light up your house using RGB LED strip lights. As they are so illuminating, they have the ability to light up a dark corner. Hence, you can also use them to make a lamp. You can customize the lamp by using RGB LED strips of your own choice. And the warmth can also be adjusted as per your requirement. This is a small yet beautiful piece to be made using RGB LED strips.


All of these ideas are so customizable that you can adjust the warmth of the space just by making little differences. Implement these amazing lighting ideas and bring more life to your home! Happy experimenting!

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