How Many Characters Are in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers Characters
Subway Surfers Characters

Have you ever played subway surfers? If you have tried this game then you know how interesting it can be. This is a game that requires you to employ multiple strategies in order to be successful. The good thing about it is that level up is on merit. This game is unparalleled and just in case you have not tried it, trust me you are missing a lot of fun. Dodging those obstacles is just so interesting, not to mention how motivated you feel collecting those coins. Once you start a mission, you feel so motivated to complete it and once this is done, you are one level up. The game requires you to be very careful though. You have to be very observant and appropriately time your moves to successfully dodge those obstacles.

Getting a bigger multiplier is very challenging, though the games get more interesting with it. If you develop the skills needed to successfully accomplish the missions in this game, you benefit in real life as well. How? Many people are blind to the significance of playing such games. But we have already mentioned you need to be observant to evade obstacles. Life comes with a lot of challenges that demands individuals to be observant in order to walk out of them successfully. In addition, your brain reaction time and the ability to process information a bit faster are key determinants of success in subway surfers. And as you try to dodge the obstacles, jumping and rolling down throughout the game, you are able to cultivate these skills.

In light of the above, subway surfers is an important game. It is not all about passing time, the game has real-life implications. To reap maximum benefits, it is important that you get well acquainted with the characters in the game. This blog will address the basic tips you need to be effective. However, we will begin by responding to the question of interest: How Many Characters Are in Subway Surfers? So then, let’s begin.

Characters in Subway Surfers

Characters are integral parts of any game or play. The role characters in a game determine how interesting it can be in the end. Subway surfers are no different! The game has a lot of characters. Some characters are permanent while others are added in different updates. The following list shows both permanent and limited characters.

Permanent Characters in Subway Surfers

  • Brody
  • Fresh
  • Frank
  • Frizzy
  • Jake
  • King
  • Lucy
  • Ninja
  • Prince K
  • Spike
  • Tagbot
  • Tasha
  • Tricky
  • Yutani
  • Zoe

Limited Characters in Subway Surfers

  • Zombie Jake (Halloween)
  • Elf Tricky (Holiday)
  • Tony (New York)
  • Carmen (Rio)
  • Roberto (Rome)
  • Kim (Sydney)
  • Harumi (Tokyo)
  • Nick (Miami)
  • Coco (Paris)
  • Sun (Beijing)
  • Alex (Moscow)
  • Eddy (New Orleans)
  • Jamie (London)

Subway Surfers Basic Tips

Whether you are a beginner or not, the following tips will help increase your chances of becoming successful.

  • You can purchase various boards as well as characters from me bar. You will see this in front of your screen.
  • It uses the same skills as Temple Run. That means if you have tried Temple Run, learning Subway Surfers will be relatively easier.
  • If you are stuck and for some reason, you just cannot finish a mission, you can skip it through the purchase of a skip mission. In case this is your final mission to level up, your score will not be affected.
  • Purchase boots. Even though they are needed, boots are also very helpful.
  • If by any chance you happen to forget playing, make use of the tutorial. You will see this option if you check the main menu.
  • It is not possible to jump right from the rail to the top of the train without the Super Sneakers.
  • Subway surfers have various characters. Once you have enough coins, consider buying some.
  • Try your best to shun the Super Sneakers Powerups because they often result in more damage than good.
  • Since the game involves dodging a lot of obstacles, we suggest you use a device with a large screen, perhaps a PC. To learn how to run subway surfers on your PC, go here.


Subway surfers is a fantastic game with very attractive graphics. The game has a lot of characters, both permanent and limited. You can buy limited ones once you accumulate enough coins. Follow the tips we have discussed here to boost your chances of succeeding in missions.

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