The World of Industrial Valves: When and Where It All Started

In every industrial process available, the presence of valves is apparent. In fact, they are highly likely one of the most diverse instruments being used today. But, above all these, have you ever wonder how long these valves have existed? How long us, humans, have been using these metal equipment?

In this article, you will get to know informative insights about the complete history of industrial valves. Who invented them? What are these valves purpose way back? How is the evolution of valves from ancient times to the modern present day happens?

If you’re ready, let us go back in time and trace the valves’ evolution.

The Real Valve Inventor

During ancient times, people already knew how to regulate water using branches, stones, and tree trunks. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians, as well as other cultures, were also able to get water from other sources like rivers and foundations use as irrigation.

But, the main contributor to the creation of a canal system was the Roman Empire. They transported water from rivers and fountains to their respective tribes while navigating the area through aqueducts. Hence, it is safe to say that the Romans should be credited in terms with valve creation.

Valves History: The Roman Empire

During the Roman times, the very first valve recorded was made of bronze material. The materials were strong and were made for pipe welding that was already in place. The body has a plug with a hole in it, a long levy (turning the plug on and off), and bottom support. The design was simple, but it was pretty much efficient. Nonetheless, this invention showed the witty thinking of our Roman ancestors. How they applied such knowledge to create water systems that are used in several towns.

These ancient valves were also utilized in multiple Mediterranean towns, and one of them is Turkey. Surprisingly, there is also proof in terms of variations on this ancient valve. It was recorded in Augusta, where eventually it become butterfly valves and were used as taps.

Additionally, there are ancient artifacts recorded which display that Romans used an ancient diaphragm valve. The valve was made of crude leather to regulate the temperature and fluid flow of household water. Also, another proof exists that during this time, the ancient forms of check valves and backflows were made in order to keep wastewater from joining with clean water supplies intended for home and town use.

Valves During the Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution | Image source:

Valves History: The Renaissance Period

The Renaissance period is where the advancement of valves started since there were no recorded developments during the time of the Middle Ages. The irrigation systems, hydraulics, and construction of canals all developed dramatically during the Renaissance period.

These so-called valve advancements included a more developed valve type, which made by the famous figure in history — Leonardo DaVinci.

According to studies, the sketches made by DaVinci led to several valve new designs and enhancements. Wherein it helped uncover amazing examples of valves during the Renaissance.

Valves History: Industrial Revolution

Now, onto the next phase of the valve history. This happened during the Industrial Revolution and was the reason why modern valves existed today. In the year 1705, Thomas Newcomen made the very first steam engine, this is one of the most meaningful inventions ever recorded in human engineering history. But, in order to manage steam at high temperature and pressure, Newcomen needed new and upgraded valves.

Through this exploration, significant lessons were learned regarding steam engineering. Wherein it would ensure that whenever new machines were made, the valve design is also enhanced. Relatively, these changes and improvements would also mean that the development of the valves’ efficiency in terms of plumbing and irrigation will be maintained.

These enhancements in the technology of valves paved the way to the valve manufacturers debut during the 1800s and 1900s. A lot of farm owners, communities, and individuals started using the different valves greatly accessible to them than before. This is because valve manufacturers are able to produce industrial valves in high volume.

Industrial Valves Today

In current time, various industrial valve types are available on the market compared before. With a wide array of materials and equipment, the variety of options has never been amazing and fully upgraded. No matter what advancements will happen in the future, people are definitely all up for it. Moreover, it is safe to assume that valves play an important and massive role in it.

Way back the 18th and 19th centuries where the industrial revolution took place, it has certainly increased the development measure of industrial valves, especially when it comes to the design and manufacturing process. This is to meet the modern day demands of the people and the industry.

These innovative designs have been calibrated in the later part of the 20th century with more advanced methods and the opportunity to choose more upgraded materials capable of supporting rough and intense temperatures and pressures.

Valve Manufacturing
Valve Manufacturing | Image source:


One thing is for sure, change is the only constant thing in the world. While we may not fully know what lies in the future for industrial valve manufacturers, the past clearly shows us how innovation changes everything at some point, particularly in the industrial setting.

Right now, it is important to have a better idea of what has been improved regarding the valve industries. To know what are the best and the most efficient valves available in the market that can suffice the need of different industries. By doing so, you and your organization are surely getting the best sources for the industry and the market.

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