How Does A Space Pen Work?

How Does Space Pen Work?

If you’ve heard of the space pen, perhaps it’s because you have an interest in owning one or understand how it works. Its uniqueness and the concept of its design, make it an appealing gadget. Many people would want to own one because of its space exploits. Who would not want a pen used by astronauts?

They make a great gift for both men and women. Although many won’t make the investment in a quality pen for themselves, they’ll appreciate the weight and function of a top-notch writing tool for a long time. You can find out more information and explore a collection of space pens on

What is a Space Pen?

The space pen is a concept and design of a famous engineer Paul C. Fisher. Fisher came up with the idea after his frustrations with leaking pens. With his ball bearings aeronautics experience, he factored gravity and atmospheric pressure to design the pen.

The outcome was the first anti-gravity pen; AG7. It could not leak, dry, and you could use it underwater or in areas with high temperatures. Mr. Fisher invested billions to ensure the idea’s success. NASA and astronauts started using the pen in space, making it renown around the globe.

How Space Pen Works?

The space pen is a genius invention and works perfectly because of its structure. First, the pen features an airtight seal that can’t allow a trickle of ink to exit. The airtight seal backs up other features. It works in tandem with pressurized nitrogen gas and a special-ink to give the pen its uniqueness.

The ink is highly viscous when static, meaning you have to shake it hard or put it under intense pressure for it to flow. The state of the liquid allows it to withstand gravity, and the liquefied nitrogen gas maintains the state of the fluid.

More, it features a ballpoint made of sturdy material; Tungsten carbide which allows the tip to resist breakage and corrosion. With the extreme hardness of the space pen tip, it can withstand damage and high pressure.

The four features give the pen its unique capabilities, and support building of a pen no competitor can rival.

Using the Space Pen

NASA made the pen famous, after ordering over 400 pieces to use in space. Today, there are many designs of the space pen, and astronauts own several for their space expeditions.

The name of the pen should not bar you from buying. It’s a pen for everyone despite its unique features. You can use it anywhere, when flying, taking a cruise, in the Arctic or the Kalahari. You can carry it around without fear of spillage. For its quality, you can preserve it for special occasions or buy it as a gift, for it is unique.

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