Online and Offline Methods of Checking Your Kotak Credit Card Status

Checking Your Kotak Credit Card Status

Applied for a Kotak Credit Card and waiting for the same to arrive? You can now make this process a bit relaxing by tracking the Kotak credit card status. This can be done through different online mediums and through offline methods also.

The process of applying for the credit card, its verification, and delivery to the customer generally takes a time of 21 days.

Online Ways of Checking the Credit Card Status

As soon as the customer applies for the Credit Card, Kotak bank sends an SMS to notify about the same. The SMS is not an indication of your Kotak credit card status but provides the customer with two things namely a unique reference number and application form number which are very useful in checking the status of the Credit Card. The process has been kept simple to the core and once the customer has access to this information they can visit the official website of Kotak.

Once on the main website, the customer needs to access the ‘explore products’ option and thereafter click on the dropdown menu. The option ‘cards’ has to be chosen and ‘credit card services’ have to be selected. Further scrolling down has to be done until the time you reach ‘application status’.

The customer then needs to click on ‘know more’ which will redirect them to the page ‘check your card application status’. Thereafter ‘select product’ has to be chosen and ‘credit card’ button has to be pressed upon. The unique reference number or application form number has to be punched in and ‘check status’ option has to be verified thereafter.

The website will display any of the indicators listed below:

In Progress

This generally means that the application has been received by the bank and the same is under scrutiny.


If the website is showing the status as Approved, it usually means that the Credit Card has been approved but it will take some days before the card reaches the customer.


As the card is approved and sent to the address given by the customer, the website will change the Approved status to Dispatched. The same is also notified to the customer through an SMS. This message generally also contains the shipment details so that the card can also be tracked.

On Hold

If the Kotak Bank website shows the status of the Credit Card as On Hold, it usually means that the verification process has failed or the documentation process has been incomplete. The bank is likely to keep the status as on hold until the time, the issue is resolved. Once the issue has been sorted out, the status will change to Approved.


If the Credit Card is not approved due to some reasons, the status on the website will change to Declined. This generally happens in cases when the customer fails to meet the eligibility criteria set by the bank.

No Record Found

In cases when the online credit card tracking platform shows this status, it is recommended that the customer should meet the bank representative to sort out the problem.

Offline Ways of Checking the Kotak Credit Card Status

At times, a scenario might arise when the customer does not have access to an online platform or does not know to check it through the online medium. Kotak Bank has devised an offline method for checking the Credit Card status in such cases.

The bank offers 24/7 customer care service in such cases and any Credit Card related query can be addressed by calling 1860-266-2666 for domestic calls and 91-22-6600-6022 for international calls. Alternatively, customers can also SMS K CCAPP to 9971056767 or 5676788. A visit to the nearest Kotak Bank branch can also be made and you only need to provide the bank executive with the unique reference number and application number given by the bank to check the status of your Kotak Credit Card.

Check out the different ways to know your Credit Card status and soon the Kotak Bank Credit Card will be in your hands. Shop, gift or spend, the Credit Card is likely to open a world full of vistas and opportunities for you to explore and experience.

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