The Best Modern Timepiece: Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch
Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch

A smartwatch is a wearable computing device that is marketed more than a mobile phone. With a look, it gives the accuracy of the atomic clock and enables you to read your text messages in a device that is always at hand.

Also known as a smart wristwatch, a smartwatch includes a wide range of distinctive features, including a traditional watch, and is also a cell phone, calculator, camera, GPS navigation. It is also compatible with an SD card with its touchscreen display and a rechargeable battery thus the reason it is called a “smart” watch.

Smartwatch’s Value

Unlike the Omega Seamaster Diver’s Watch collection that is notoriously overpriced, the smartwatch made by apple, which is the Apple Watch Series 4, is commissioned with a price that is more premium than its previous models. The Series 4 will start at 399 dollars while with the LTE version for a hundred dollars more.

As for the Samsung Galaxy watch, the company kept the price close to its previous versions. For instance, the 42mm Bluetooth model cost for 330 dollars but only 20 dollars less from the 46mm variant. The Galaxy Watch series has the advantage because of company supports from various industries such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

Ingenious Design

Both Samsung and Apple have taken various intensive approaches to the design of the smartwatch. Samsung favors the classical design of a circular style of the traditional timepieces. While Apple is more on the smartphone’s approach with its vertically rectangular design, and it also follows the latest trend of having a bezel-less design.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch making their Series 4 in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm one. Every detail was thoroughly well thought out considered from the curved corners of the larger display to the S4 chip architecture. Apple Watch was a unique, personal product at all times. And it is, even more, stronger today.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung’s smartwatch comes in three colors, though it restricts the 46 mm to silver, and with only white and gold for the 42 mm variant. Matching the Galaxy Watch with credibility to your fashion that you can see through a multitude of watch faces. A round face, and the watch hand shadowing and the ticking noise offer it a true timepiece feeling.


Apple Watch’s key fitness features are exercise monitoring. It demonstrates your overall movement instead of just counting the steps, in which the Apple Watch still does. This monitoring information can be viewed on your website and your iPhone in the activity application.

With new self-tracked workouts, the Samsung Galaxy Watch places more emphasis on fitness. Cycling, elliptical trainers and rowing join the returning auto-tracked walking, running, and dynamic workout exercises for a total of six exercises you don’t have to worry about activating in advance.

Battery Life

The Galaxy Watch of Samsung raises that meager stamina when it comes to battery life. And while there are certain shortcomings in the Tizen operating system that affects the battery, its outstanding strength, internal audio transport, and fitness choices create it the greatest view for Android smartphone holders.

Apple Watch is so capable that you would want to wear it all day long. Apple’s goal to have a smartwatch that would last for 18 hours straight after an overnight charge, while doing all the things such as being a traditional watch, receiving notifications, usage of the apps, and doing a full workout, is what makes consumers go for this product.

Smartphone Compatibility

You need an iPhone if you want to enable and set up your Apple Watch. And also you need a built-in application for apple watch on the iPhone to be able to set up stuff like the iCloud and Apple Pay. There is absolutely no way you could pair an Apple Watch to an Android phone because all of its features will be rendered useless.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch can pair with Android 5.0 or above smartphones, iOS 9.0 and later, and iPhone 5 and newer smartphones. Connection with Gear may be unstable for iPhone 6S since Galaxy Watch and iPhones are connected via Bluetooth Low Energy, data loading and app download speed on the Galaxy Watch may be slow.


Until consumers get the chance to test out the next generation of SmartWatch OS, the Galaxy Watch from Samsung remains to be the favorite for Android users. However, for iPhone users, it’s only reasonable that the Apple Watch is their obvious choice given the rigid alliance for Apple’s iPhone line up.

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