Towards a Decentralized Entertainment Ecosystem: An Introduction to Tron Altcoin

TRON: Decentralize The Internet

Tron altcoin was developed as an answer to fill the need of having a decentralized entertainment ecosystem in place. That alone separates it from the other cryptocurrencies that are available today. But it gets better than that: the creator is no other than Justin Sun, a man of many controversies. So buckle your seatbelts as stunning revelations lie ahead!

But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves and cover the essentials first.

Tron’s early days and core design

Tron blockchain platform was launched in June 2018. The main idea behind its design was building a framework that would allow the creative minds to produce content without distribution obstacles. That’s the gist of it. There’s also the fact that other applications can be built on top of it and leverage its resources.

The missing link that would connect content creators and consumers

This is what Tron crypto aspires to be. Entertainment networks like YouTube and iTunes have the unfortunate characteristic of being centralized, which creates a barrier of sorts for those who want to get their content out there. In other words, they are a middleman, which is what Tron is striving to take out of the equation.

Web 3.0 is Justin’s vision

When we were at 1.0, we could argue the web was still in its infancy. For instance, initializing value transactions was certainly not one of its strong points.

Moving on to 2.0, this is the point in time when secure payment channels were introduced. Among the rest of the things, we started seeing ads popping up, which is another monetization channel that became available to webmasters and content creators alike.

But Justin Sun wants to take things further to web 3.0, the main benefit of which would be giving more power to content creators while still rewarding the content delivery channels for their efforts. As it goes without saying, blockchain technology would be an essential part of this and it would do away with the need to have centralized servers for content distribution. All in all, a decentralized content delivery network would also lower the cost of content delivery itself.

Investors with big pockets are lining up

Jihan Wu is one of the many platform’s backers. For those who are unaware, he is the co-founder of Bitmain. Whether you’re a fan of his antics or not, the fact remains that his efforts helped raised as much as $70,000,000 for the platform. Moving on, we have Dai Wei, the founder of Ofo himself, as well as several other notable investors like Yin Mingshan. So although a single TRX unit is worth pennies right now, the future does look bright.

Unlike your typical cryptocurrency, TRX is not mined

Anyone with enough hardware power can mine the likes of Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies, but it takes talent to create consumable content. And guess what? This is exactly how you earn it. By using it, those who create the content will have more of a say with regards to what they want to do with the content they’ve produced and how to monetize it.

Tron is high-performing

The crypto platform can perform 2000 transactions in a second without experiencing any slowdowns whatsoever. Compared to Bitcoin, for example, the performance boost is enormous, as the latter can only handle up to 6 transactions per second.

A wallet is necessary

As one would come to expect, you’re going to need a wallet before you can engage in TRX transactions. There are plenty of desktop and mobile variants available. Be sure to check out:

  • Bixin wallet
  • Atomic wallet
  • Huobi wallet
  • TronPay Chrome
  • TronLink

Want to give it a spin?

There are many ways to put tron altcoin to action. For example, you could fire up a crypto casino and see how fast the transactions are in practice. There is, of course, the standard way of using it for the purpose of making credit card payments. Last but not least, you can also withdraw TRX in the form of cash by visiting one of the Tron ATM machines.


Tron is a platform that content creators of various sorts are proud to welcome with open arms. After all, they are the people who we can thank for providing us with valuable entertainment, and they should be compensated for their efforts appropriately. Power to the artists!

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