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Technology is a system that assist people with many daily functions and chores. This specialized science can also be used to make a pet’s life better. Here are some of the latest technology products for pets that owners should use for their animals. Let’s take a look at some of the popular tech products available for domesticated animals today.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

A self-cleaning litter box is a great piece of pet tech. Most cat owners don’t like cleaning up after their feline friends. However, a self-cleaning litter box helps to get rid of the waste material without them lifting a finger. How does it work? Well, the unit utilizes a rake that automatically goes into action after a cat uses the bathroom. The rake sifts across the litter until the waste material is sifted into a box compartment within the unit. Once the waste is in the box it will stay there until its full. Pet owners will simply have to change the box once it is filled up. A self-cleaning litter box is like having a toilet for cats. Unfortunately, owners still must empty the contraption to make sure the unit is usable.

Dry or Wet Automatic Pet Feeders

Pet feeders are designed to automatically provide food to cats and dogs. There are dry or wet types of feeders. Dry feeders are programmable units that will dispense a certain amount of dry cat or dog food for pets. They can usually hold up to 2-gallons of food. Some units will hold more or less. Once the unit dispenses the product, it will fill up a dog dish with enough food to feed your canine or feline. Wet pet feeders are harder to find because wet food doesn’t keep for a very long time. However, a few of these products are available. They work by allowing you to fill various compartments of a dish with pet food. You set the timer according to your dog’s feeding time and a compartment will open-up to allow for consumption. These units are great for keeping pets fed without you having to worry about the process.

Smart Dog Houses

Smart dog houses are updated versions of regular dog houses. What makes these units so interesting is that they have a wide variety of different features. These features could include automatic door openers, climate control, portability and a camera for watching your dogs. The portable versions of smart dog houses will allow you to carry your smaller pets around while you shop and do other things. These houses are safe and legal to place in outside areas while you shop. You can download an app to watch your pet and the house, so no one messes with it. The climate control is a great feature because it allows you to keep your dog at a comfortable temperature despite the weather. Most smart dog houses are sturdy and are designed to keep your pet in place.

Automatic Pet Doors

Pet doors are interesting devices. They allow pets to go inside and outside of a house at their leisure. Sometimes having this kind of freedom can be a headache for pet owners. Especially, when it is cold outside or extremely hot. An automatic pet door allows you to control your pet when they come in and go out. An automatic pet door works by placing a chip collar on your pet. Every time they go near the door it will open or close. You can program the door to remain close when you want it to stay closed. You can also program it to stay open when you want your pet to have free access inside. The units can also be set to open and close for different pets. Automatic pet door technology makes controlling your pet an easier task to accomplish.

Smart Dog Collars

If you want to keep your dog safe and sound in the backyard or in the house so that they won’t run away and get in trouble, then you can opt for a GPS tracker for your dog. These devices will help you minimize the chance of losing your pet and you can always follow every step in real-time. With this smart collar on, you’ll always see your dog’s exact location, wherever they are in the world. You can set safe zones for your dog, like your backyard, find out the moment they leave one of them, and know when they’re back safely. This will be a very useful and, most importantly a harmless solution for your doggy.

Dog Proof Trash Cans

Dog proof trash cans are designed to keep your pooch from raiding one of their favorite places in your home. Trash cans are a great place for dogs to eat and have fun. To help avoid this problem, an automatic trash can will keep a dog from getting inside of the unit. The lid on a dog proof trash can open and closes automatically. This prevents your pooch from easily knocking the lid off your unit. Even if they knock the unit over, the shut off lid won’t allow it to open easily. Dog proof trash cans are a great device for keeping your animals from messing up your kitchen with trash.

Automatic Ball Launcher

An automatic ball launcher is a fun tech gadget for your pets. This unit allows you to play fetch with your dog without you having to throw the ball yourself. This unit automatically shoots the ball and can be set to timer. This is a great tech toy to keep your canine busy while you do other things. Dogs really love this automatic device because they don’t have to wait around for their owners to give them time. This unit also provides a great way for you to give your dog exercise that they routinely need. These automatic pet tech products will help to make your life easier and your pet’s life more manageable.

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