How to Write a Resume and Land Your Dream Job?

Resume Writing Tips

A resume is an important attribute in a modern business world. You will hardly get an offer and land a job without having a resume introducing your skills, knowledge, experience, and field of expertise. What is more, taking into account a tough competition in the labor market today, recruitment specialists recommend approaching the task of resume writing with special care and responsibility.

So why is it so important to create a competent resume? What pitfalls should you be aware of when working on it? Did you know that it takes an average of one and a half to two minutes for an HR manager to look at a resume. You can be a fantastic employee, have great experience, and an impressive skill set, but you will be the one who knows it if you do not manage to deliver a good and straight-to-the-point resume. So, how to create such a resume that immediately highlights your strong sides? The answer is to hire professional resume services for creating a resume that highlights your strong sides.

Have no clue on how to write a resume? No problem – let us take care of your professional success. Here’s how to create an impressive resume.

Rules for good resume writing

Before you start working on a resume, you should know some basic rules and always stick to them.

Rule #1 – Provide the truth but not all the truth

Focus on your strengths and achievements, without mentioning your weak points. You will be, of course, asked about them at the interview, so be ready for such questions and prepare answers.

Rule #2 – Adhere to a clear structure

Since human resource managers spend no more than 2 minutes on reading resumes of candidates, it is critically important to make sure that this document takes no more than 2 sheets of paper and is straight-to-the-point. Take care of the neat format/ font of the resume and structure the information in the appealing and easy-to-grasp way.

Rule #3 – Be optimistic and cheerful

Positive people attract success. Your employer will definitely notice it and invite you for an interview.

How to outline your skills best?

Almost all applicants use the same formulations when it comes to describing their professional qualities and skills. It should never be the case with you – get rid of these standard, template phrases if you want to stand out from your competitors and land the job of your dreams. Instead of using cliche phrases, provide such arguments that will make your potential employer invite you for an interview. Believe us – it works!

If you are not an expert in resume writing and do not know how to define you key advantages or skills, answer the following questions to find the necessary formulations:

  • Why am I better than others?
  • Why exactly should I get this job?
  • What am I doing better than others?
  • How am I different from my colleagues?
  • What have I done significant in my career?
  • What are my life achievements?

Answers to the above questions will help you make your resume more individual rather than ordinary and standard, like most job seekers have. Always try to stand out from the crowd of other candidates and emphasize your key advantages and achievements. With such an approach, your chances of getting hired are extremely high.

What should be the structure of a resume?

Just like in any type of writing, a resume should stick to a particular structure and contain all the necessary information. Here are the main parts of the resume that should in no case be omitted. Follow the steps to have all the resume prerequisites in place. How to write a great resume? Let’s explore it together!

Best Resume Structure

Step #1: Specify your name and contact info

An employer should know your name and ways to reach out to you in case they decide to invite you for an interview. If they do not find this information, your candidacy will be skipped. Since this is not what you want, you are to make sure that the contact information is easy to find in a resume.

Step #2: Specify a position you are applying to

To be sure that you are a candidate they are looking for, an employer should find the information about the position you are looking for. Thus, you can clearly state your ambitions and show people what professional development you are aimed at.

Step #3: Outline your skills

Since your goal is to encourage an HR manager to look through your resume to the end by all available methods, you are to interest him with your skill set so that he invites you to an interview. In order to outline your skills and achievements most effectively, formulate them from the perspective of a benefit they have brought to the company. This will definitely interest an employee.

Step #4: List your previous jobs

You are to indicate your previous places of work in reverse chronological order. Freelance works are to be included here as well. In this summary section, you should provide the following information:

  • Place of work (company name);
  • Employment period (in the month/ year format);
  • Your title/ role/ brief job description;
  • Scope of responsibilities;
  • Professional achievements;
  • Relevant experience.

Step #5: Provide information about your education

As the next step, start adding data about your education. In case you graduated from some prestigious educational institution, or if your position is not considered without appropriate education, you can move this section upper.

Step #6: List courses and trainings

Extend the section about education with information about the courses you have taken and the training you’ve completed. In case you have any certifications, cover this information in a resume as well. This list can be called “Additional education.”

Step #7: Specify advanced skills

If you know any foreign language, let the employer know about it. Specify how experienced a PC user you are, list professional programs are an expert in.

Step #8: Provide recommendations

If you have a recommendation letter from your former managers, then be sure to include it to your application when sending it. And for the future, always try to have a good relationship with your employers/ managers – they might help you in the future.

Writing an effective resume can be easy

If you do not want to risk your professional success, then it is better to address the task of resume writing to those who know everything about this business. Having created hundreds of successful CV’s, experts do know how to make you an ideal applicant. Solid knowledge of business market needs allows experts to deliver CV’s that perfectly meet the needs of any employer. Even if you have just graduated and have less working experience, experts will create a resume for you so that companies stand in a queue to invite you for an interview. Writers from WriteMyPaper4me will guide you on how you can write a resume which leads to your professional success and prosperity!

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