How to Hire a Writer Online?

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Before you post on job boards online, ask yourself first why you need to hire. You should check the tasks, timeframe, and budget so that you are prepared at any cost. You must also need to determine what capabilities and skillsets you are looking for.

You may also cite some examples and post them together with the hiring needs, the scope of the work, and payment. Make sure to provide brief information about yourself such as name, company name, or work profile. In that way, the applicant will find you a reliable employer and he or she will submit a resume to you. Now, you can proceed with the considerations that you need for the content as follows:

1. What content do you want?

Describe the information that you want to convey with the audience. Make it relevant to your brand if you have an online shop. If you don’t have a brand, make sure to follow your niche. You should explain the details carefully on your job post so that it will be convenient for you to filter qualified from non-qualified applicants.

If you are a student who needs help with essay, make sure to elaborate on the things that you need. You may also post a summary of the instructions given by the teacher. Furthermore, you should describe the writing style that you want to make it naturally written.

2. When do you need it?

Time is an important essence of the writing material. Most writers have their assignments for the day, and they rank their priorities according to the urgency. You should explain in the job post that you need the essay as soon as possible.

Let’s say, if the deadline is on Wednesday, be sure to have it by Sunday or Monday. In this way, you can check whether there are things to modify or not. Moreover, you will not be going to rush with your school requirements.

The same thing applies to content writing agencies. If they asked a writer to do the job, they should provide a reasonable deadline to the writer. In this way, they can able to review and check all the technicalities of the content before they will send it to the client as a final copy.

3. How much are you willing to pay?

Ask yourself first how much you are willing to pay. If you want a cheaper price, you should go to an entry-level writer. No one will entertain your essay if you would like to pay at a lower rate, but you are asking for high-quality content. Make sure that your payment is reasonable enough for the written material.

If you are willing to pay at any cost, you should look for intermediate to expert writers. In this way, your payment will be worth it.

4. What are the skills and experiences that you look for?

Most writing agencies and freelancers have their online profiles on job board websites. You can read their background, education, and experience to determine their skillsets and knowledge in writing. You may also require some recent samples so that you will know their style and pattern in creating content.

Make sure to check writers with testimonials and reviews. In this way, you can ascertain that these individuals or agencies have experience already in writing various contents.

5. Check the time zone, responsiveness, and communication

When dealing with writers, you should check their time zone so that you will know when to get the essay done. It will be convenient if their time zone is advanced than yours. In this way, they can have plenty of time to write the contents.

You should also need to observe the responsiveness of the writer during the working process. Make sure to have a common communication app that you can use to check the writer from time to time. You may use Skype, Slack, Microsoft teams, WhatsApp, hangouts, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook email, and other relevant apps.

6. How will you dispense the payment?

Finally, you must check how you will pay the writer. You must have an online account to dispense the payment. Consider creating a PayPal, Payoneer, Upwork payment, TransferWise, Facebook pay method, and more.

You should look for a payment method that has small fees both for you and the writer. Some freelancers want upfront fees before they start working. If this is the case, make sure that the writer is trustworthy to do the work and it keeps communicating to you daily.

Did you hire your first writer?

Hiring a writer for the first time may be challenging but fulfilling once the results achieved. The selection process might be difficult especially if you are screening several applicants. By checking all the tips above, you will have a proper guide regarding the dos and don’ts in looking for a writer online. Hopefully, our procedures had helped you find the best match for your web content.

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