How to Successfully Develop Cryptocurrency Marketing Campaign?

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The number of new cryptocurrencies is steadily growing year by year. And that’s a positive tendency. The only problem is that it’s getting more difficult for emerging blockchain startups to make their products stand out from the crowd.

Sadly, many crypto projects fail just because they don’t know how to promote their products right. That is the reason why many businesses hire cryptocurrency marketing agency to promote their crypto projects. Today, we will discuss the basic aspects of successful cryptocurrency marketing and explain what mistakes to avoid.

Educate your target audience

To market your crypto product in the right way, you should understand one important thing. Cryptocurrency is not ‘a new thing’ for you. But it’s still ‘a new thing’ for many people.

If you want to make your crypto project a success, you should find a way to educate your target audience about blockchain technology:

  • Create how-to videos and uploaded it to YouTube or your website
  • Record educational podcasts
  • Design how-to guides and infographics

Your major task is to explain complex topics in simple words. Don’t use jargon. Don’t use crypto buzzwords. Use the language that a high schooler can understand.

Basically, you should play the role of the ‘friendly expert’. You should help people to learn the basics of the crypto market in a short period of time and encourage them to get started with cryptocurrency trading.

Focus on building a strong community on social media

Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit have helped to launch bitcoin into the mainstream. If you want to get your crypto product noticed, you should also rely on the power of social media.

Producing high-quality social media content, you can build a community around your product. You can attract users interested in blockchain technology and then turn them into your cryptocurrency users.

As for today, experts consider Twitter as a key social network for the crypto community. However, as practice shows, platforms like Telegram, Reddit, Slack, and Discord also work great for building a strong community. What about YouTube, it’s the best social media platform for sharing video content and engaging users who know little or nothing about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We want to bring your attention to the fact that social media is not just a place where you can publish content. It’s a place where you can communicate with your target audience and build long-lasting relationships. Reply to comments, react to direct messages, ask the questions, create meaningful conversation – and people will support your cryptocurrency project.

Collaborate with crypto influencers

To kick-start your crypto project, you should find an influencer to collaborate with. You should reach out to a person who is considered an authority in your niche and who is open for collaboration with blockchain startups.

You can interview influencers to create content for your blog or social media. Or you can ask influencers to share information about your cryptocurrency on their blogs and social media platforms.

Keep in mind that due to social media restrictions, influencers cannot explicitly promote a token sale or give investment advice. All they can do is to discuss your project’s technology, features, or business model to create a buzz around your product.

Design an effective website

If your website doesn’t function in the right way, your cryptocurrency marketing campaign will be doomed to failure. To reach a wide audience and increase conversions, you should design your website with these tips in mind:

  • Strive for simplicity. Don’t overload your site with non-essential content.
  • Pay attention to typography and readability. Use business fonts rather than creative and quirky fonts.
  • Choose a color palette wisely. Avoid using electric colors. White, black, blue, and yellow are the most suitable for cryptocurrency websites.
  • Make sure that your website doesn’t look cheap. Your crypto project is all about making money, right? Choose a website design that looks expensive to attract more users.
  • Choose a fully responsive design. Make sure that mobile users face no difficulties when browsing your website.
  • Localize your cryptocurrency website. Make your product accessible for non-English speakers to attract investments from abroad.

Optimize your cryptocurrency website for SEO

Your cryptocurrency website should not only look great but also be optimized for SEO. Otherwise, it will never get to the top of Google search results. To make your website more visible on Google, you should take the following five steps:

  • Leverage the power of the keyword. Use free tools like Ubersuggest and Keyword Explorer to find low competition, high volume keywords relatable to your blockchain startup. Choose long-tail keywords and naturally integrate them into your content.
  • Improve your site’s load speed. Choose the right hosting option for your needs, defer JavaScript loading, minify and combine HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.
  • Ensure proper linking (both internal and external backlinks). Get high-quality backlinks and organic links by writing guest posts for reputable cryptocurrency blogs and distributing infographics.
  • Fill your website with valuable, easy-to-read content. Make sure that all the texts you publish are perfect in terms of grammar.
  • Optimize on-page elements. Write proper page titles, tags, and meta descriptions. Add images, bulleted lists, internal and external links.

Wrapping up

It’s impossible to develop an effective cryptocurrency marketing campaign in one day. You need time to research your target audience, create high-quality content, and build a website that works smoothly.

So be patient and dedicated, and keep working toward your goals. In the end, all your marketing efforts will be rewarded with successful cryptocurrency fundraising.

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