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The corona pandemic outbreak has led to major panic among the entire world. Foreseeing its lethal outcomes, the government had to declare an indefinite lockdown in an attempt to avert and contain further damages. This has put everyone’s life on hold. It’s like all our busy lives have been put down to halt at once, and going through this leisure centered time has not always been in practice. Not everyone is fond of sitting at home. Some people enjoy the sun and outings but now as there is no alternative to that staying at home seems to be the only option available.

Amid such situations, we need suitable partners that would make our quarantine much less tedious. And as per the Google data, it was deduced that people prefer to turn over to conventional board games for fun. Thus, keeping your interests in mind, here’s a list of the best board games you should try during this lockdown.

Pandemic: The Perfect Fit

Coincidentally, the game Pandemic has raced to be the most searched game on the Internet. Keyword searches reveal that this very game has received 246,000 searches worldwide as of March. The game Pandemic is a multiplayer game that requires the players to eliminate the prevailing disease, which led to a pandemic. This game imbibes a sense of heroism in players and unsurprisingly proves to be the most relatable game right now. Owing to its popularity, it’s not wrong to suggest that it would prove to be your best try.


Do you recall those times when winning scrabble used to be a proud moment? How was it used to glorify our vocabulary capabilities? Well, it seems like the old days have returned because, following the pandemic, we have noticed a significant increase in scrabble. Therefore, scrabble is not only fun; it pertains to polishing your vocabulary in whatever language you wish to. This lockdown will prove to be productive if you relish this fun game that would benefit you in some way. This is a game that you can play with your friends and family. If you’re stuck on a puzzle and can’t figure out how to answer it, a scrabble word solver can help you solve the unscrambled crossword.


Who could not miss this game? The trades and business running models, how well of a businessperson did we use to consider ourselves? Yes, no wonder this game is second in popularity amidst the lockdown. This game emerged to fame in Europe and Asia and soon spread worldwide, about 37 different reprised versions reproduced in 103 countries. This game refuses to outdate as it grows several modern versions adapting to the current audience.


How can one ever overlook this game, the edifice of sheer pleasure, and no wrack up your brain game? The game is highly based on how well the destiny supports you and you win if it does. No wonder, this game is back in popularity amid the lockdown being crowned as the third most popular board game being searched.

You can see the top searches in this infographic by Betway.

The Most Popular Board Games Worldwide. The most searched for board game in each country, according to Google data.
The Most Popular Board Games Worldwide
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