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Educational support services are equally as important as education itself. When it comes to giving out educational support services, many vital roles are available who work diligently with each passing day. Their sole aim is to provide the support to core academics, empower students with additional knowledge, provision of correlation with application learning, and to accelerate the process of learning.

The various support systems of the educational system are librarians, technicians, curators, and counselors. They are more like the additional helping hands to make the future of the world brighter.

A librarian is a person who manages the library and improvises the interaction of the students and books. He also makes sure that if hard-bound and paperback material is not available, he can facilitate the soft copies. All he wants is to grow the student’s interest in a particular subject and to make sure he gains not just the bookish knowledge but also is able to apply in real life. In this world of diminishing libraries and utility, he makes sure to keep the place living and breathing. Undoubtedly, Google can’t be blindly trusted. Today’s generation kids have forgotten the essence and relationship of the books and humans. So to keep it real and continuing, the librarian indeed supports education like anything else!

Educational counselors have not only seen the education system closely, but also have understood how this system will help students. Keep the student’s point of view in mind; he has been a guide and a helping hand in the times of career distress where students fall into the trap of depression. Considering various aptitude tests and choosing what’s best for the student, a counselor shows us the ideal paths of life. Other tests provided by them like psychometric and handwriting analysis are also efficient enough to tell us what will be our ideal careers and also the ultimate ways to pursue it. We can familiarize ourselves with the psychometric tests here:

A technician bridges the gap between the theoretical academics and the application i.e. hands-on experience. He, who is highly skilled in the IT-based or the technical world can actually make students overcome the fear of application challenges. The one who makes the students realize that not only knowledge is necessary but also to know how to apply and where to apply it. He realizes the current scenario change of the world and encourages students to openly accept it and make the best benefit for themselves.

Last but not the least; the curator is someone, who oversees that all the functioning of the particular educational body is smooth. It also implies to make sure the teaching faculty and also the education seekers are content and satisfied with their work and quality of services being provided to them.

There are various organizations that come forward for the betterment of the educational societies. They understand the learning-based challenges and also strive to make it better and efficient. The current challenges that are going along with the education system are:

Educational Seekers and ProvidersThere are a lot of people in search of education but there are not efficient and quality education providers.
Classroom facilities and affordabilityEveryone who is in need of seeking education needs a classroom and blackboard or projector based environment. But education comes for free and infrastructure comes with a cost. When this happens, the willing but financially poor people are left behind with empty hands.
Unchanged syllabusMany times, students are taught even if its necessity is the least in the current world scenario. These few minor bugs lead to skilled employees but also useless in the market.
Student attitude towards the educationMany times, it’s not the system’s fault but also of the user who has the access to the system. People sometimes create obstacles towards seeking the education due to their disinterest and their lack of will to make a better future.

The organizations that work for the support of education make sure these learning challenges are crossed and a fruitful result is sought. They form a group of volunteers who are willing to work beyond the classroom and the space is no more a constraint to the educational facilities. Nevertheless, students’ interest is also focused on providing them free subscriptions of the newsletters and to make them aware of the changing scenario. If such organizations and extra facilitators wouldn’t have been there, then the backbone of the education system would have been crushed.

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