Few Biggest Faults in Online Examinations and Tutoring

With an overturn of events and particularly the lives globally, we have stepped towards a new education system. Online classes by the schools, colleges, or maybe tutoring for any competitive examination has made online businesses boom like anything! It’s a real fact from a business point of view. But what about from the learning point of view? Are the kids, aspirants, or students performing with the zeal? Are they learning with virtual platforms? Let’s take a quick tour of the few biggest faults in online examination and tutoring.

Online Education Providers

There are Indian as well as international platforms, whereby sitting at home you can take lectures from top international education institutes. You can fill up your CV with certificates and diploma, for a countless number of courses. It boosts your confidence and enhances your skill set. It makes you presentable. With discounts and other applicable promo codes, software like Coursera, Udemy, Ecoholics, BYJUS, Vedantu, etc can provide plenty of knowledge. Other than these university courses, or MOOCs, online classes from school teachers, online tutors, etc do offer the majority of traditional courses at a very minimal cost.

Major Skives

Children in a Classroom.

Despite the precise structure and well-managed classes, the online education system has many loopholes. As education is a source of blessing, and knowledge is a resource to build character, this can never yield results if considered as a source of money-making business.

The educational progress of the student happens with sitting on a comfortable chair with co-mates, through maintaining discipline. Obeying teachers, feeling the silence, enjoying the aura of school and educating themselves to become a laureate one day, has not connected with using a keyboard and cursor to get the whole world on the screen just by a single click.

Connectivity issues for rural students

There is always a bunch of people receiving all the benefits & amenities, whereas the others being bereft of facilities and opportunities! That other section is rural India.

Various contributing factors are low network coverage, the proper electricity supply is absent, a couple of the students cannot afford to buy high-tech gadgets. But these faults are ignored by all the online educators, where they talk about quality education but are largely focused on business.

Health hazard to eyes and obesity

Student Learning From Home, Online Classes.

It’s all that we are hearing! But online education has impacted the lives of students at a very severe level. The sedentary times have increased than ever before. The blue rays and the increased screen time have brutal impacts over the immature eyes of students. The kids have lost their playtime, TV time, they are now simply sitting with laptops and tablets.

One to one attention is missing as more than 100 students are targeted

This is a story of virtual learning apps but also of the teachers of primary schools and higher educational institutes. They’ve combined the classes and sections of the same grades. Combining has given benefits to the educators but, all the bulk of students are just sitting and listening to the lectures. There is no involvement even in the live virtual classrooms. Students find it difficult to raise questions sometimes due to network issues also. The effectiveness is affecting learning at a very high cost.

Easy to cheat in examinations

With the amount of productivity is hindering badly, the assessment is no longer effective to judge the level of learning. You have to rely on viva and presentations only, there is no scope of examination based on the subjective question. The assessment is restricted to MCQs only which cannot be considered as not cheated, or maybe solved by other than the candidate. There is a huge scope of cheating. Application-based questions cannot be applied to every subject.

The overall effect of learning is getting wasted without a term-end examination.

No one knows if you’re attending or not

Bunking was common is real classrooms also, and now the notorious students have got new ways and excuses for not attending the virtual sessions. This gets them the privilege to join the online class but not attending it. The teacher may think people are listening but there is a possibility that no one is!

Making fake presence was so easy in school and colleges but that’s more than easy in the virtual classrooms. A lot of students are engaged in virtual gaming while keeping the class teacher on mute. Just the way they might have seen their elders doing it for office virtual meetings.

Constant video hammering clogs the brain’s productivity

Using the huge internet network for almost everything suddenly has caused a great burden on the telecom industry. Providing MBs with a small sum of money has failed because of network issues. Even to reach out to the resources and tuitions have become the most irritable thing due to buffering. Think about those who are trying to study with almost dead networks. It’s a waste of time, it’s driving the brain in a negative direction.

Teachers find it hard to adapt to new software

When the teachers were kids, the technology wasn’t this advanced. It wasn’t there at all. And so, they find it difficult to access computers, laptops and different software. It is difficult and very less handy when it comes to providing classes online.

These were some faults out of our observations and considering the current scenario, I’m sure there are many others. Let’s all think of some alternatives to clear this up and hope that the technology can revive to get us a better version of this!

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Rishika Desai

Author Bio: This article has been written by Rishika Desai, B.Tech Computer Engineering Student at Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology (VIIT), Pune. She is a good dancer, poet and a writer. Animal love engulfs her heart and content writing comprises her present. You can follow Rishika on Twitter @ich_rish99.

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