Advice for Ranking Up in Dota 2

This guide will help you rank up faster in Dota 2, which is something every single player of this game wants to achieve.

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To rank up, you need to understand first the system behind this — the so-called Dota 2 MMR algorithm.

What are Dota 2 MMR Ranks?

Player ranking is very common in extremely competitive games. In Dota 2, the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) shows your skill level using a rank symbol.

Playing ranking is seasonal. Every six months, you have to recalibrate your profile to reflect your rank.

Here’s the MMR table for every rank:

  • Herald – 0-769 MMR
  • Guardian – 770-1539 MMR
  • Crusader – 1540 – 2309 MMR
  • Archon – 2310 – 3079 MMR
  • Legend – 3080 – 3849 MMR
  • Ancient – 3850 – 4619 MMR
  • Divine – 4620+ MMR
  • Immortal – Placed

To rank up their MMRs quickly and play with better players, many gamers use Dota 2 boosting services.

However, you can also rank up fast if you follow these golden nuggets of advice we offer. Check them out.

Set a Goal — How Far Do You Want to Go?

And don’t just pick a number above 5000+, because all players want that.

It’s just so unrealistic for many of them.

Even professional Dota 2 players don’t just aim for any number above 5000.

To set a goal, you must set a specific and realistic number.

And when you set this goal, remember:

Your lifestyle

Professional Dota 2 players don’t need to worry about daily stuff like schools and jobs and time management.

But you probably do.

Make sure the rank you want fits your lifestyle.

Your Current MMR 

Write down your current MMR and accept that that’s you.

Then, compare it to the ultimate goal you want to achieve in a set time.

Say, in three months, you want to go from 400 MMR to 1000 MMR.

Your Milestones

After setting a realistic MMR goal, split it into smaller tasks.

We’d like to call them milestones. And each milestone can be an addition of 100 MMR.

So, using the example above, you will have six 100-MMR milestones to reach 1000 MMR from 400 MMR.

Prepare for Ranked Matches

To rank up faster, you need to play a lot of ranked matches.

And when playing ranked matches, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Avoid Disturbance – ranked matches need 100% of your attention. Make sure you’re playing when nothing and no one can disturb you.
  • Eat and Drink before the Game – to avoid unnecessary pauses (and to not make your teammates impatient) eat and drink before the game.
  • Avoid High Ping – nothing can ruin a nice game worse than an unstable internet. Never play a ranked game unless your internet connection is working perfectly.

Pick the Right Heroes

All heroes exist for a reason, and different players play them to their maximum level. However, to win matches and to rank up faster, you must pick the right heroes for you.

  • Be flexible – regardless of your position or role, develop your flexibility. Greater flexibility means a better MMR boost. Picking a hero is about countering what your opponents pick, which means flexible players have the edge.
  • Don’t pick core heroes early – this is a no-brainer; if you pick core heroes early in the game, your opponent will pick a hero that will counter it.
  • Never experiment in ranked matches – trying out new heroes to improve your flexibility and versatility is good. But in a ranked game, don’t experiment.

The goal is to find that hero that you feel is your best pick. Play it over and over again.

Watch the Right People — and Play with Them

Whether it’s through YouTube, via streaming sites, or by hanging out on sites like DotaBuff, find great players to learn from and watch them rip their opponents apart (in the game, of course).

You’ll see how differently they play depending on their hero, their role, or the draft mode.

And if you can, find better players than you to play with. It’s easier when you have these people on your team.

Algorithm-wise, playing with someone further away from your rank improves your MMR health.

Ranking up in Dota 2 is no easy task. However, with persistence and discipline, you’ll be able to move up faster than others without those qualities.

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