Best Free Spy Apps for Android 2020

2020 is almost coming to an end. This year has been a learning experience for many reasons, but it has also brought attention to some fabulous applications that can change the dynamics of all relationships, save you from inhibitions and doubts about truths and lies.

The spy apps, so are they referred to as, are eye openers of sorts. It confirms or negates your doubts and shows you the true faces of people. Lying and deception has become easy in today’s times, but at the same time, detection of such lies has also become possible with awesome free spy apps.

To meet the growing demand of a reliable spy application, a lot of spy apps joined the bandwagon. While there is a lot of stern and stiff competition, there are only a few apps worth the mettle. Below are the best and safe free monitoring app for Android:

1. Safespy

Amidst all the spy applications that exist, Safespy is the most reliable and dependable alternative. The application has garnered a customer base in more than 190 countries and has become a spy app user favourite.

Safespy is a web based spy app that has even earned raving reviews from Mashable, BBC, Tech Times and Reader’s Digest. The interface you get when you select Safespy is very efficient and perfect. The application has its own set of idiosyncrasies that assist it in being the most undebatable leader.

Safespy: World's #1 Phone Spy Solution. Remotely Track SMS, Social Apps, Location, etc No Root.

With immense competition of spy apps by far and large in the industry, Safespy manages to maintain dominance with its great interface, features, functions and services. Unlike other spy apps who act as secret homes to malware and phishing tools, Safespy is a great exception.

It would protect and safeguard the integrity of your system and avoids all risks. When engaging in spying over a mobile phone, you would want the procedure to be safe and secure. That sense of security and safety can only come from a reliable spy app. Only Safespy provides that level of reliability.

Safespy - Free Spy App for Android.

You will not waste your time, effort and bandwidth in human verifications or survey completions. You will only seek essential information. As a spy platform, Safespy does not necessitate any unnecessary details and seeks any survey participation.

Data Secrecy from Safespy

The details that you provide to Safespy as a user are completely safe and secured. Even the employees of Safespy cannot access user details, that’s the level of information retention the application has.

Of the features mentioned above, there are some more specific features that the application has which make it class apart. Below are some cool features that make Safespy better than other apps:

Inbuilt Stealth Mode

The stealth mode of Safespy makes anonymous a piece of cake. As a user, you do not need to worry about getting caught while spying on someone’s phone. By the nature of the app itself, all information is discrete, secretive and protected.

No Requirement for Jailbreaking or Rooting

Safespy does not necessitate its users to jailbreak through the phone they need to spy on. When it comes to an iPhone, the process is completely remote. Meaning, you do not even need to touch the iPhone you intend to spy on.

The app does not intimate or seek permission from the phone you want to spy on. The requirements of rooting or jailbreaking are minimized to nonexistent to protect the interests of the Safespy users.

Superb Spy Features

The multiplicity of features of Safespy makes it popular. You do not just spy from the application, you can spy holistically. You can spy through the phone as if you have cloned it. You can see someone’s GPS location, messages, emails, list of apps, social media platforms, messengers, call list and even the browser history.

2. Minspy

Minspy might have been a late entrant to the spying industry, but it sure has created a name and place for itself. It has also earned the trust and reliability of the user base by virtue of its dedicated team.

Most Popular Phone Spy App Minspy: Check SMS, Call, Photos, FB, WhatsApp and more.

Minspy is utterly simplistic and efficient in its spying services and features. Spying on cell phones is made extremely easy in case of Minspy. Without any delays, the spying goals can be accomplished.

3. Spyic

Spyic has earned a good reputation in the spy industry and is widely popular in multiple locations. It also has a very dependable and reliable stealth mode that makes it very desirable. Another added advantage of Spyic is the promptness of its services.

Spyic Phone Spy App: Track Social Apps, Messages, Locations and more.

The application has earned a good repute and standing that differentiates it from other spy apps existing. Spying is made better, convenient and hassle free with Spyic.

4. Spyine

Spyine is a nicely interfaced spy application that is web based. It is also extremely reliable and handy with lesser distractions and sticking to its core purpose as a spy app. The stealth mode is also brilliant that ensures non detection of spying.

Spyine Android Phone Spy App.

5. Spyier

Spyier is another very prominent web based app. It offers a delectable combination of great spy features. With a superbly interfaced dashboard, you do not need to be a tech expert in order to operate Spyier.

Spyier Spy App for Android: Track locations, calls, messages, and social apps.

The simplicity of the app is also its highlight as it ensures users to use its functions holistically. Despite a stern competition in the field, Spyier manages to take one of the top places.


Spying on someone’s phone is extensively performed by all above mentioned applications. However, Safespy proves to be the most safe free monitoring app. When you select Safespy, you safely combat all operational bottlenecks that other spy applications pose.

Spying on a phone could be a very tricky process, but with the support of a fabulous app like Safespy, all your apprehensions will vanish in thin air. So you can make an informed choice about the most suited app that fits your requirements and budget.

On a tried and tested basis, Safespy is the best alternative one can achieve. It caters to all the requirements posed by the majority of the users.

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