Dry Out Your Phone the Right Way

Dry Out Your Wet Smartphone the Right Way.

Almost everyone has mistakenly dropped their phones on the ground, even for once in their life, which is acceptable. But if you have mistakenly dropped your phone in water for any reason, then it’s a headache because drying it off won’t be easy.

Don’t panic and start drying your phone with anything you see. I know there are many ways to dry off a wet phone, but you need to be selective.

If you want to dry out your phone the right way and want it to start working again, then follow the given methods.

Remove Everything

As soon as you get your phone out of the water, the first thing you need to do is turn off your phone and start removing each part from your phone one by one.

First, take your phone out of the case, remove the back cover, and then remove the battery. Also, take the micro SD cards and the SIM cards out of your phone so that the air can get in from each side.

Now, take a piece of a soft cloth and start rubbing it on your phone and other accessories. Carefully clean the plug point and the sockets. As you remove everything from the phone, the water won’t be able to interact with electricity.

Once everything is removed, and you’ve also rubbed out all the water from the phone, keep it in a dry place, so the water gets soaked up.

Use a Lint-Free Towel

Sometimes the cloth you use to dry the water off your phone might spread the water all over your device instead. So you need to be careful about what you are using.

If you have glasses or lenses in your house, then you might also have a lint free towel. A lint-free towel is made out of the fiber, and so it will help you to soak up the water as quickly as possible.

While using other towels that are made with hard materials, you might damage your phone instead of drying it out. I remember using a towel that didn’t soak up the water, but instead, it spread two tiny drops of water in every corner of my phone, which resulted in disaster.

Once you grab onto your lint-free towel, start getting rid of all the water, from the front to the back of your phone, clean as much as possible. Be careful while rubbing the charging port and headphone jacks properly, and also take a look at the SIM slot so that the water doesn’t get through it.

Keep rubbing because the more water you can remove, the more better it will get for you.

Shake the Water Out

Now let’s discuss a very unusual way to get rid of the water from your wet phone. Rubbing with a cloth is a prevalent way, but have you ever tried to shake your phone to get rid of the water?

I know this sounds crazy, but sometimes you need to be more aggressive towards your phone. So what you need to do is grab your phone with the arm that you use the most. Once you hold your phone tightly, you need to start shaking it with all the energy you have.

As you keep shaking the phone, you are forcing the water that went through your device to come out because of gravity and the energy waves you are creating.

Of course, this is not a method that will work every time, but still, it’s a great way to test out your strength and get rid of the water from your phone.

By shaking your phone, you won’t be damaging it. So don’t worry, but you should try it out because this method might work out.

Drown your Phone in Rice

Drowning your phone in a bowl of rice is one of the most common and traditional ways to dry up a wet phone. All you need to do is take the phone and put it into a bowl full of rice.

Some phones have removable batteries, and some phones don’t. If you can remove the parts of your phone, then go ahead and do that, but if your phone has a non-removable battery, then don’t worry because the procedure is still the same.

First, you pour some rice into a bowl that will cover the surface. Then put your phone on top of that rice. Next, you need to pour rice on top of your phone and cover the bowl entirely. Once you’ve done that, keep the bowl covered with rice for about 24 hours.

You might ask why it takes so long to use this method. It’s because the rice takes time to soak up the water and mostly when it’s from an electronic device. Once it’s done, you can check if your phone is in working condition or not.

Blow the Water Out

Previously you and I have talked about shaking your phone to get rid of the water, and now we’re going to talk about blowing your phone to get the water out. By blowing, I mean giving air to your phone and nothing else.

A good amount of airflow can quickly dry out the water from any kind of surface, and the same goes for your phone as well. So you can simply put your phone in a dry place and start blowing it from multiple angles.

Please use an air blower which will quickly dry the water. It is an easy yet simple solution.


You and I have discussed all the possible ways of drying your wet phone. But even after applying all these solutions, if you see that your phone is still not working, then you should go to a phone repair shop before it’s too late, or you can also search for a mobile screen fix.

Most people use phones that are not water-resistant, and so they get into trouble, but all they need to do is shake and blow their phone to get rid of the water.

Let’s not worry about them cause you already know how to fix your phone, right? Problem solved.

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