Top 5 Best VPN for FireStick and Fire TV

Top 5 Best VPN for Fire TV Stick

Looking for the Firestick VPN that can fit all your requirements? It is one of the essential needs that your Firestick is connected to a good VPN, but only a few have all-around features to suit your wants.

What should a good VPN provide?

  1. A good VPN must provide their users with complete anonymity from the ISP.
  2. It should have multiple servers spread across the globe to ensure availability.
  3. A VPN with the best level of encryption protocols is always preferred.
  4. It should be affordable and should provide additional security layers.
  5. It should possess compatibility across multiple devices and operating systems.
  6. A good VPN must be of high bandwidth and minimum latency.

Considering all these factors, let us see the top 5 best VPN for Firestick and Fire TV. Read on to know more about them.

Best VPN for Firestick and Fire TV

Now that we have seen all the features one should look while buying a Firestick VPN, let us see which top VPNs you should consider buying. Given below are the popular choices to choose as a VPN for Firestick and Fire TV.

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish remains the top choice of the users as it has a section entirely dedicated to Firestick VPN. IPVanish provides AES-256 level encryption along with OpenVPN protocol. It has a separate app that monitors the Firestick activity and is supported on Android versions greater than 4.0.3.

Additional features:

  1. Provides more than 1600 servers around the globe in 75 locations.
  2. This VPN features encryption that is end-to-end facilitated.
  3. A separate Amazon based app to download and integrate with the FireStick.
  4. Customer support that runs all around the day.
  5. IPv6 leak protection, along with the split tunnelling feature.
IPVanish VPN for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


ExpressVPN is the right choice for your Firestick VPN as it has a remarkable performance to outstand the ISP throttling. It can stream the media that is blocked due to censorship and allows you to change servers quickly. At the same time, ExpressVPN ensures anonymity by not storing logs and allowing data to flow in encrypted format only.

Additional features:

  1. Works effectively on all generations of the FireStick and Fire TV.
  2. Use all the premium features of the ExpressVPN for 30 days with guaranteed money-back policy.
  3. The user gets to choose from 160 VPN servers over 94 countries.
  4. Supports Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, HBO, ShowTime, and many other streaming apps.
  5. Get unlimited bandwidth with breakneck streaming speed.
ExpressVPN: #1 VPN for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access, the world’s leading VPN provider, also provides services for FireStick and Fire TV. You can access this VPN just as you do on any other device. Few of the Private Internet Access’s fantastic features are kill switch, IP cloaking, latency check, and encryptions over a WiFi connection.

Additional features:

  1. Private Internet Access has over 25,300 servers in 77 countries. This is the highest provider of servers among the list of Firestick VPN.
  2. Complete anonymity assured, including payment and installation. No personal information leaked whatsoever.
  3. Connect over ten devices simultaneously, enough for connecting all the other devices, including your Fire TV.
  4. A lot of security features provided including four protocols, additional SOCKS5 proxy, and malware blocker.
  5. Affordable prices with additional two months of premium VPN services free.
Private Internet Access: a truly private VPN


Choosing the NordVPN for your FireStick is one of the better options due to its plethora of features and affordable prices. Installing NordVPN on your Fire TV is the most effortless process by merely downloading and setting it up. Thus, we recommend it as your Firestick VPN.

Additional features:

  1. Connect up to 6 devices with one single connection. Thus, one connection suffices for all your internet-connected devices.
  2. Enables kill switch so that the data privacy is maintained with a single click.
  3. Dedicated IP service, ultra-speed, and buffer-free streaming.
  4. Blocks malware and adware through advanced technology. Also, provides lightweight extensions to integrate with Chrome and Firefox.
  5. An extra layer of security with double IP changing, along with P2P sharing.
Set up NordVPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is one of the best Firestick VPN because you can connect unlimited devices within a single connection. Also, the camouflage feature of this VPN makes it undetectable to your ISP about your VPN access. Since Surfshark VPN is available on the Amazon Appstore, any user can download and set it up within minutes.

Additional features:

  1. Choose from over 3200 servers spread over more than 65 countries.
  2. The multi-hop feature lets you get additional IP to provide extra security.
  3. The Whitelister feature can help you add or remove websites from VPN connections along with maintaining a list of your preferred country servers.
  4. Surfshark provides live chat and instant email support throughout the entire day.
  5. Get to choose from over five different protocols that send your data in the encrypted form over the internet.
Get Surfshark VPN for FireStick


As we conclude on the top 5 best VPN for FireStick and Fire TV, you can rely on the above recommendations for your complete anonymity. Firestick VPNs are rarely as good with all the features.

To ensure accessibility, minimum blocks, maximum uptime, multiple servers, and overall affordability, we’d recommend you to choose from IPVanish, ExpressVPN, and Private Internet Access for your best Firestick VPN experience.

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