Rusticity Meets Technology: How Embracing Tech Can Make Your Farmers’ Market Stall A Success

Farmer's Market Stall Selling Vegetables, Fruits, Produce.

There’s something charming about farmers’ markets. The rusticity of the homemade produce, farm fresh fruits and vegetables, stall owners beaming with pride at the quality of their harvest, as they call passers-by to try their latest offerings. A traditional grocery store or supermarket just doesn’t compare.

Perhaps this is why more individuals than ever are selling their handmade crafts and homegrown produce at these events, simply as a way to bring their products to the masses and build a bit of a following. Interestingly, the rusticity and charm of a farmers’ market is often the result of technology being removed from the equation. However, embracing technology in a subtle capacity could be the difference between farmers’ market success and complete failure. As we lean on technology to make our lives a little easier, why not apply the same logic to a traditional farmers’ market, without spoiling the rustic atmosphere?

Let’s explore how embracing technology can make your farmers’ market stall a success.

Make Payments Easier

In traditional farmers’ markets, cash is apparently king. However, when it comes to convenience and efficiency, contactless card and credit card readers reign supreme. Investing in a bluetooth credit card reader means encouraging your stall visitors to make a purchase via a transaction that is simple and straightforward. In addition, card and contactless payments also make impulse and extra purchases much more likely, as customers won’t be concerned about having enough cash to cover the transaction. Contactless and card payments also mean customers who are laden with bags and produce won’t be put off purchasing from your stall due to the inconvenience and effort of handling loose change and notes.

Enhance Your Presence With Social Media

With the right social media presence behind you, you can create a buzz around your farmers’ market stall before you even set up for the day. By using social media platforms to advertise your produce, to create and share informative content including images and videos, even offering discounts or prizes to followers who share your content on their own platforms, is a simple and effective way to use technology to your advantage. Building a following online means more excitement around your stall every week, just remember to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Make It Digital

Due to Covid-19 many outdoor events resulted in cancellations with disappointed vendors and customers alike. Even today, many individuals are unable to visit farmers’ markets due to travel restrictions or other responsibilities. By utilising technology, you can bring the farmers’ market to them and a multitude of others who may not have ever experienced a farmers’ market before. By creating an online market event that visitors can access, you can still get your great produce out there and enjoy a profit.

Final Thoughts…

Farmers’ markets are the epitome of fresh food, healthy living and high-quality products, as well as handmade crafts. If you’re considering attending a market as a vendor, consider the points above to maximise your stalls’ potential.

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