Why Buying Electronic Components Online is So Easy

Electronic Components

More and more businesses are turning to the internet to buy their electronic components, and it’s easy to see why. If you haven’t started ordering parts online yet, then making the change could increase your overall efficiency. While some businesses have concerns over the quality of the products they order online, there’s no need to worry when choosing a reliable supplier that stocks parts that are completely traceable.

We’ve put together some examples to illustrate why ordering electronic components online is so easy.


One of the big reasons ordering online is because technology can speed up processes to make choosing and buying electronic components less manual. For example, Sourcengine’s BOM tool allows you to request thousands of quotes for your entire stock list after one quick click. User-friendly, the programme makes finding everything you need a much easier process and saves you from scrolling through pages and pages of products. You can even filter for specific delivery dates and find the components that cost the least.


It’s a given that ordering online will include delivery as well. If you’re used to driving to a distributor and managing pick-ups yourself, having a courier bring your parts straight to your door can take a considerable weight off your shoulders. While you may have to pay a small fee, delivery can usually be combined for multiple orders from the same supplier. This not only means you’ll have all your products on the same day, but you won’t have to drive to multiple locations to buy different parts.

Customer Support

When ordering online you’ll often receive a high level of customer support. Many businesses will have a live chat feature or a phone line that’s available during working hours. You’ll be able to easily track where your order is and quote your order number if you’ve had any issues with receiving it. If you’re buying stock in a physical distribution centre it can be more difficult to get in touch with someone about any faulty parts or issues with numbers.

Order from Anywhere

If you travel for business, you’ll be able to keep your stock updated wherever you are in the world. Track shipments and place orders from any device that connects to the internet. What’s more, you’ll benefit from a wider variety of electronic components than might be available in your area. This means you’ll be able to get everything you need in one place without having to drive around to track down the parts you need. Ordering online even opens up international markets. So if there are components you need to order from another country, it’s much easier to do this through a distributor’s website.

Is Ordering Online Right for You?

Ordering electronic components online is accessible to all businesses, no matter how big or small. If you’re still feeling hesitant, start by having a look at some websites you’re interested in to get a feel for how they work and what they offer.

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