Why Are WYSIWYG Editors That Useful?

The Next Collaborative Rich Text Editor or WYSIWYG Editor - CKEditor

Creating modern webpages nowadays is a big business. Every company needs its own page, even small shops and influencers are trying to have it. That’s why knowing how to use WYSIWYG HTML editor and create great and good-looking pages is not only a worthy hobby, but also a nice way to get a job. As it is in every work, having the best tools can affect the quality of projects. Because of that a lot of people are deciding to find the best WYSIWYG HTML editor with all needed options.

  1. What really is a WYSIWYG editor?
  2. What are the advantages of using a rich text editor?
  3. How can you find the best rich text editor for your purposes?

Let’s look closer at the term “rich text editor”.

What really is a WYSIWYG editor?

WYSIWYG Editor is a term used to name an editor that can show the user how their final result during their work. For example – if you are using WYSIWYG editors of text, your project will look similar during typing to what they get after printing it. This kind of program offers rich text editing capabilities and these types of WYSIWYG editors are really great for working with photos, responsive images and creating web pages.

What are the advantages of using a rich text editor?

First, a lot of programs like WYSIWYG HTML editor are offering collaborative editing. It is really important for those people that have to work in groups on the same project.

Collaborative editing software allows its users to watch their progress in real time. Also, WYSIWYG collaborative editor is a great option for people that need to work with their coworkers from home – even if you’re sick or travelling, you can see your and your coworkers’ work. What’s really important is that all the features of the open source WYSIWYG editor are extremely useful. If your program is good, you don’t have to make feature requests because of a lack of something. WYSIWYG editors can also contain markdown support.

How can you find the best rich text editor for your purposes?

Looking for a nice, WYSIWYG HTML editor is not easy, because there are a lot of options. You can use, for example, the CKEditor– it is great, easy to use and a simple editor. What is really interesting about this specific editor is its beautiful design. It looks simple, minimalistic and just everyone will immediately fall in love with it. A lot of big companies are using it – such as Disney, Citi or Volvo and a lot more. It is proof that this program is really good and could be useful for every creator. It is completely customizable, and you can use a lot of extensions.

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