How to Write an Instagram Post? Step-by-Step Instructions and Tips

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The possibilities of Instagram are endless: you can open your business on the platform, assemble a team, find work, friends and support. Instagram is about events and real-time communication, which is why it is the most “live” social network.

In the article we will tell you: What you need to know to write a post on Instagram.

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How to write an Instagram post: 5 tips from bloggers

Do you want to start a business? There is enough space for you on Instagram. Do you dream of becoming popular and developing your personal brand? Start your own blog. Why can anyone do this?

The huge Instagram audience allows you to find like-minded people and actively promote brands. Not only big producers and stars, but also your personal one.

Subscribers are attracted not only by a well-designed profile and regular stories. It is important to know how to write an Instagram post in such a way as to hook the reader.

A post is a text that is written according to basic rules, but has its own characteristics.

Basic principles of creating an Instagram post:

Attract attention – the headline is responsible for this. To interest and maintain interest is the task of the entire text as a whole. Arouse emotion in a person or benefit. Otherwise, why would a reader need a post if he can’t take anything out of it?

Even this is sometimes not enough to hook the reader and raise the asset of your blog.

Here are 5 tips from bloggers to help you write a cool Instagram post:

Tip # 1: Start by choosing a topic.

Don’t even think about choosing a “useful” post topic for your readers if it’s not close to you. Instagram followers with special trust will perceive only text filled with emotions and your interest.

Life hack how to find a topic that interests you:
There is a universal way to find interesting topics – by writing maps and lists. Brainstorm – write down all the questions, phrases, words and sentences that come into your head on a piece of paper. Allow yourself to write whatever you think, let it be nonsense. The main thing is not to stop the flow of thoughts.

Tip # 2: Get a good headline.

The headline is exactly what catches the audience, makes them click on the sequel and read on. The most readable headline is the one that reflects the concerns of the subscribers.

Top 3 good headlines:
Three new thrillers not to be missed!
How I dropped out of university twice. Inspire or show off?
Finds of November: what to read, see and listen to? Nostalgia post!

Tip # 3: Fill your post with interesting details.

The structure of the post is individual for everyone. We will now reveal 2 main myths about the text:

The size of the text doesn’t matter. It is not at all necessary to adhere to the classic “introduction, disclosure of a topic, conclusion” for any text.

The main rule in the structure and meaning of the post is to periodically intrigue and captivate the reader: share examples, talk about emotions, give useful life hacks, lists and ask questions.

Tip # 4: Don’t post every day.

Posts will become uninteresting, you will quickly run out of ideas, and subscribers will get tired of the overabundance of information and start unsubscribing.

It is better to write posts rarely and with high quality than often and pointless.

Tip # 5: Write down every thought and idea that comes to mind so as not to burn out.

What Instagram posts are there?

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