How to Leverage Digital Signage to Improve Engagement in Your School Campus?

School Digital Signage

Engaging your audience in the reception and entrance areas or lobbies is challenging, especially for schools. But the new technology of digital signage solutions is the perfect solution. Instead of using simple digital presentations, schools are moving to digital signage to easily communicate and connect with students and their staff on the school campus.

Digital signage enables you to display multiple information/content at once. You can display multimedia content (text, images, videos, etc.) through digital signage. Below you will find some methods of how digital signage can increase engagement in your school campus.

10 Ways to Use Digital Signage to Improve Engagement in Your School Campus

  • Present Social Media Content on Digital Signage

Social media feeds of schools are very active and visually appealing. Even parents and students love to share posts on social media and tag the school accounts. You can use this content for displaying on digital signage with the help of social media aggregator tools. For example, Taggbox is a tool that collects UGC content.

It will make your content visually engaging. Students will love to see their posts or their parents’ posts on the school’s digital signage display. You can also engage the new parents and students visiting the campus with such content.

  • Important Announcements and Event Notifications

Digital signage for schools is a great way to spread important information and notifications to students, teachers, and visitors at once. You don’t have to send separate emails, letters, or stick flyers all around the campus. You can share complete information about the new events on campus or organized by the school at a different place through digital signage. You can even add count-down and reminder notifications for events and activities.

  • Virtual Tour/Map for Easy Navigation Around the Campus

Students, teachers, parents, and any other visitors who are new to your school campus might find difficulty finding their way around campus. But you can solve this problem by displaying a virtual tour or map of the campus on the digital signage display screen. It will make it very easy for new people to find their way around the campus.

  • Highlight Student Achievements

Sharing student achievements with the whole school is a big deal for students and their parents. Being appreciated by so many people for an achievement motivates students to perform well consistently. So you can share all the small and big achievements of students on your digital signage display.

  • Invite Students and Teachers to Share Creative Work or Projects

You can use digital signage to improve the engagement of students and teachers in the school. Adding their creative work and projects to your digital signage content feed is one way to improve engagement. You can also invite them to share their entries.

  • Share Contest Alerts and Winners

You can share new contests on your digital signage. It will notify all the students about the contests and bring in more entries. You can also show the winners on the digital display. It will boost the confidence of students and encourage them to participate more.

  • Share Volunteering Opportunities for Children

It is a unique way to enhance participation by children. Usually, students are not aware of any volunteering opportunities and don’t participate in such activities at all. But you can share volunteer opportunities at the school campus or nearby communities. Children can get engaged in different activities and help around the campus and communities in their free time.

  • Share Reminders for Drinking Water

Your students and teachers are busy all day with classes and other activities, and besides lunch, they barely get a break and often don’t drink water until they feel thirsty. You can display reminders for drinking water. So they don’t miss on sipping water and stay hydrated throughout the day. It is another way to keep them engaged and show them that you care about their health.

  • Share Weather Forecasts for the Next Day and Safety Tips on How to Stay Healthy

You can share information on the weather to help students and teachers take necessary precautions. For example, if they know that it can rain the next day, they can come prepared with umbrellas and raincoats. You can also share tips to stay hygienic and avoid getting sick, for example, using hand sanitisers from the school entrance and lobbies and wearing masks.

  • Message from Alumni Students and their Achievements

Sharing achievements and messages from Alumni students on digital signage will build your school’s identity and values. Anyone seeing such success stories will feel that your school has nurtured the talent of many students and groomed them well.

Some other ideas to engage students using digital signage are: displaying welcome messages, exam schedules, everyday motivation thoughts, and school achievements.


Digital signage will help you create a lively environment around the school campus. It will help you engage students and teachers in different activities besides the classroom. You can use the above-listed ways or any other ideas to display content on your digital signage. Don’t forget to use a social media aggregator tool to make your digital signage content engaging.

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