5 Advanced SEO Skills You Need to Land a High-Paying Job

Advanced SEO Skills

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is one of the in-demand skills in 2022. More businesses are going online, creating a website, and looking for ways to get their business noticed, this makes SEO one of the highest-paying jobs in the world. Many people hire professional SEO company to rank their website in Google’s top pages in order to get more traffic.

If you know how to beat the competition, what improves your website’s reputation in the eyes of Google, and how to bring traffic to a newly developed website, you can land lucrative jobs.

But the topic of this blog post is a little different. It’s not about learning SEO but getting to a level at which you get new job offers daily. You become so adept at your job that businesses agree to pay you as much as you demand.

Do you want to reach that level in the next six months?

If your answer is yes, then read this post till the end. Below, I’m going to mention the advanced SEO skills you need to land your dream job – not just as an executive, but as a team lead or manager.

5 Advanced SEO Skills You Need to Land a High-Paying Job

1. Content Audit

Content audit is often regarded as the editor’s job, however, that’s not the case. An editor is supposed to look for grammatical errors, lack of clarity, and adherence to voice and tone guidelines in the content.

As an SEO, your job is to look for gaps in the content. Has the writer included all the search terms and phrases in the content your competitors have covered?

Likewise, you should make sure the information is readable; the writer must split the information in heading and paragraphs.

2. Competitor Research

The first thing you do when you take the responsibility for a website’s SEO is competitor research. It’s impossible to carve out the way forward without taking into account what everyone else is doing in the same niche.

Competitor research is an advanced skill and requires critical thinking. You must be a great observer and be able to determine what’s working and why. It starts with finding out the queries your competitors are ranking against.

Then you look for the content gap, the user experience on their website, and their backlinks. Your only way to get ahead in the race is to prepare better content than the competitors and make the website user-friendly to the utmost possible extent.

The working knowledge of SEO tools like Ahref, SEMrush, and Moz is a must for this job.

3. Content Management System

It comes as a surprise that after spending a complete year as an executive in an agency, search engine specialists don’t know how a content management system works. At max, they can update content, install a plugin, and that’s it.

A content management system like WordPress gives you as much freedom as developers to make small changes in the look of a page, install a plugin to boost page speed, resolve security issues, and so forth.

It’s time-taking to ask for small favors from developers, like making a small tweak in the content, adding images, or a font change. But if you have a basic understanding of a CMS, you can take care of such small changes yourself.

4. Research & Analysis

Even someone who has spent a decade in the search engine optimization industry won’t claim to be an expert. Why? Because this field is still evolving and will continue to do so.

Basically, Google never stops learning. The algorithm behind the search engine has only gotten better in the last 10 years, and it will continue to learn and get more intelligent in the coming years – at a much faster rate.

So if you are someone who’s leading a dozen SEO executives, you are supposed to give them directions. What links are beneficial, what on-site practices are recommended by Google, and so forth.

Basically, it’s a never-ending learning process. From blogs, articles, and videos you learn new stuff, implement them on different websites, observe the results, and filter out the best techniques to implement in your future projects.

5. Use of Reporting & Analytics Tools

Without analytics and user insights, SEO would be incomplete. You will find yourself walking in a dark forest, trusting your gut feeling to get to the end – but deep down you know it’s a gamble.

The same goes for search engine optimization. If you don’t know if a certain strategy has yielded positive results or reduced the traffic, or how people perceive your website, you will never be able to mend your strategy.

Thus, the working knowledge of analytics tools is a must. If you aim to land a lead-level job, you must know the ins and outs of Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and how certain tracking and keyword research tools work.


Digital marketing agencies in Dubai and all over the world are constantly hunting for energetic and research-driven SEO experts to hire. If you want to get a promotion or start your next venture as a senior executive or lead, acquire the above-mentioned skills to become unbeatable in the talent pool.

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