How to Get Shortlisted for Your Dream Job Interview with Modern Looking Resume Examples

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You have spent hours writing the perfect resume and you are ready to send out your resume to scores of companies. But, if it has been a while since you last wrote a resume, you may be wondering whether your resume is up to date and modern looking.

In this article, we will let you in on a few modern resume examples so that you can make sure your document looks professional and up-to-date.

Why Are Resumes Important?

A resume is a marketing tool that is used to get your foot in the door. You can use it to apply for jobs, and you can also use it during interviews as a way of communicating your skills and experience. A well-written resume will help you land that dream job, or at least get an interview!

However, creating a resume is not a walk in the park. You have to stay updated with industry trends and carefully curate your career history to show exactly what the recruiters are looking for.

For this, you need to make sure that your resume matches the requirements listed in the job description. You can also pick keywords from the JD to include in sections like summary and work experience. Doing so will allow you to position yourself as their best candidate.

How to Create a Modern Looking Resume?

  • Use a modern font: Use Helvetica, Arial, or any other clear fonts. Avoid using cursive typefaces and leave a 1” margin.
  • Use a modern color scheme: Pick colors that contrast each other to make your resume look catchy. Avoid dull and bland colors like grey and black but use bright colors instead such as blue, red, green, etc.
  • Get a modern resume template: Avoid adding distractions and maintain white space to not make the resume look cramped.

Choose the Best Resume Format

When it comes to resume formats, there are many options available. This can be daunting for someone who is just starting out or hasn’t had a chance to experiment with different styles. If you’re not sure what format would best suit your needs, we recommend choosing one that is easy to read and customize.

The standard reverse-chronological format allows you to highlight past achievements at the top of your resume, while still providing an overview of where you’ve been and what skills set up those achievements in the first place.

Create a Work Experience Section

The next section you’ll want to include on your resume is the Work Experience Section. This is where you will chronologically list all of your previous jobs, starting with the most recent and working back in time.

Make sure that you include your job responsibilities as one-liners and include all of your achievements. Doing so will help you portray yourself as an impactful employee with even more potential in the new job.

If there was something unique about your job duties or an achievement, mention it by adding figures and maintaining a cause-effect relationship. For example, “Managed social media accounts for more than 1 million followers at Simplify”.


A modern-looking resume is the first step to getting the attention of potential employers, so make sure you have an up-to-date resume.

  • Draft it with a professional font, leave a 1” margin, and make sure you have enough white space to make it easy on the eyes.
  • Choose the reverse-chronological resume format as recruiters prefer it and it is the industry standard.

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