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Are you from a generation where parents used to wait in a long queue to pay fees for their toddler’s education or have you always miscalculated the money for the school picnic? Gone are those days now. With the constantly changing technology, there is a solution to almost everything. This article talks about ParentPay, a cashless payment system for schools, caterers, and local communities based in the UK.

Read on to know more about how effectively ParentPay tracks your smallest of transactions, which can be helpful later in administrations and records for the schools.

More About ParentPay – A Cashless Payment System for Schools

ParentPay enables you, as a parent, to fund your child’s fees, classes, tuition, and other activities in a cashless way. ParentPay has achieved over 94% of happy customers and is the first company to have been accredited PCI Level 1.

This cashless payment system can be implemented in primary, secondary, and independent schools. Besides contract-based caterers, local authorities and trusts can also resort to Parentpay.

There are a plethora of services offered by ParentPay. Other than cash-free payments, they can manage meals, school trips, parent appointments, club expenses, medical records, and donations. Let’s discuss them more in detail.

ParentPay for Cashless Payment

Parents can now pay for every single school-related transaction through this software. Integrated with Paypoint, which can be used to pay for meals, uniforms, trips, and even maintain a top-up for auto debit.

In addition to this, parents can use their cards from leading providers and include child care vouchers. Users can request refunds from schools which are handled smoothly with ParentPay.  

The website hands out two logins- for parents and schools. To reduce the issues with logins and registrations, the company uses ‘My Account,’ which allows parents to have one account for multiple public services in the UK.

One can find a good amount of notes in the FAQs sections and get a video tutorial from ParentPay to set up accounts or to subscribe to a child’s services in school.

ParentPay for School Administration

Administrations and management are the most crucial elements in the smooth functioning of any organization. Schools being one of them, have tremendous inconvenient experiences in managing paperwork and bills.

Medical Tracker – A Third-Party Product

Medical emergencies aren’t announced- especially the attention needed for toddlers and kids. Small reckless acts can often lead to severe injuries. Given the pandemic conditions, schools need to be even more proactive with reporting the health status of students and employees.

One of the commendable services inclusive with ParentPay is the digital management of medical emergencies. Be it injuries, illness, or mishaps that require medical attention in terms of reports and managing the incidents- ParentPay can do it online.

Meal Manager

Knowing that your kid’s school meal is nourishing and healthy is a concern of every parent. Digital data analysis, records of a kid’s allergies, and food preferences can help schools create a plan for meals.

With ParentPay, one can record a kid’s health conditions and provide insights on the cost-cutting. While making everything sustainable by going paperless, the software can ensure that food wastage is reduced since the meal can be preordered with a single click from their device.

Meetings and Donations

Modern-day schools don’t require parents to visit schools for frequent parent-teacher meetings. These evenings are now scheduled online with prior appointments with ParentPay. SchoolCloud Parent is a third-party product that schedules meetings with a single sign-on and automated reminders for regular attendance.

Parents can now easily monitor their child’s progress, attendance, and no-shows and resolve their queries in their comfort.

Schools also require donations or might need to set up fundraising for various causes. The best part about ParentPay donations is that schools can set up a page within minutes. People can donate through these websites even if no account is registered with the company.

Scalability and Integrated Activities

Organizations that run multiple academies and institutes can get scalability with ParentPay. This includes a single sign-on for access everywhere, making it easy for the finance teams and insightful analytics.

Read more to understand the activities and how this software can seamlessly handle post-school activities digitally.

ParentPay for School Activities

Coming to school-based activities, it is essential to have a strategic finance management platform to keep track of and administer the cash flow. With Parentpay, school activities such as excursions, extracurriculars, and picnics can be integrated into a personalized portal. This portal can manage consents and upfront payments and enable customizations.

With Parentpay shops, parents can have a virtual shopping spree experience consisting of school accessories and stationeries, managed all in one place. The best part is when the user need not unnecessarily register on the portal asking personal questions all the time; the purchase can be made without an account. It’s a convenient option to have everything at your fingertips, reducing all the hassles.


Here, we conclude on the topic of ParentPay, a leading cashless payment software system aiding over 11000 schools in the UK. ParentPay has been a renowned company caring for schools since 2002. Choosing this system provides unparalleled support, consulting, and best-in-class security concerning industry standards.

Also, schools are using GDPR-compliant software that protects all personal information through end-to-end encryption. And thus, over four million parents prefer ParentPay. I hope you liked this article; let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Author Bio: This article has been written by Rishika Desai, B.Tech Computer Engineering graduate with 9.57 CGPA from Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology (VIIT), Pune. Currently works as Cyber Threat Researcher at CloudSEK. She is a good dancer, poet and a writer. Animal love engulfs her heart and content writing comprises her present. You can follow Rishika on Twitter at @ich_rish99.

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