Robots – Helping People or Depriving Them of Their Jobs


In recent years, in the world (especially in Japan), there has been a tendency for robots to occupy people’s jobs. For example, in Tokyo there was an example when all jobs in a mobile phone store were given to robots.

These humanoids have many human qualities, for example, they can experience emotions and determine the mood of their living interlocutor in order to build communication with him. Engineers claim that such a set of qualities makes them a real seller who can replace a real person. Considering how fast this trend is spreading, they guessed right.

Why humanity is doubtful about robots

Perhaps scientists and engineers hoped that the world would be unconditionally happy with the new technology and accept it as a great discovery, but this did not happen. Now many people are worried that robots are taking jobs away from people and will one day lead to massive unemployment. There are also many conspiracy theories about the capture of the world by robots and that they can force people out of the planet.

However, despite the disagreements on this issue, this topic is of interest to the whole society. It is worth noting that, for example, Instagram accounts of digital characters that look like real people gain millions of audiences in a short period of time. Of course they still need to buy Instagram followers to attract the attention of the whole world, but the topic of digital characters and robots is now one of the most discussed in all countries, and they use only such a simple and inexpensive method for their success.

As such technological innovations began to take root around the world, many began to worry about impending unemployment. People believe that most professions can be automated in the near future and the human factor will no longer be needed in the field of production, economics, cooking and much more.

In addition, nothing prevents us from improving the technique and adjusting it to more complex professions that can only be mastered by a person with analytical thinking. These worries are fueled by studies stating that in the next two to three decades, up to 50% of jobs could be automated and this will instantly lead to high unemployment.

Such doubts about a prosperous future are far from unfounded. Already, physical robots are replacing the work of people in stores and in production, and digital bots depict the activities of real people on the Internet. The second phenomenon is faced by people who use low-quality methods of promotion. They get an audience consisting of bots that write the same type of comments or do not show any activity at all. To avoid mistakes, you can simply buy Instagram followers cheap from such professional companies as Viplikes.

A human cannot be perfect like a robot

Here we should consider not only the latest humanoid robots, but any technological progress. For example, in the field of economics, people began to work much faster when automatic calculators appeared on which you can quickly calculate any arithmetic operations and even use a ready-made formula.

The same goes for production. Factories produce a huge amount of goods because production is automated and most of the work is done by machines. In addition, such products are much cheaper because they do not require heavy human labor and are made in a short time.

However, when it comes to comparing the performance of a human and a robot, the world has not come to incredibly high rates. If robots could provide huge results, then their development would be the main goal of mankind, but now this is not so important all over the world.

In addition, even in Japan there is no such trend when people often change jobs due to being forced out of the workplace by robots. This suggests that now humanity has nothing to worry about, because the introduction of such technologies is not so widespread, especially outside of Asia.

Most likely, scientists who are afraid of the capture of all the professions of the world and the planet as a whole by robots rather greatly exaggerate the capabilities of the people who create these machines. To achieve the manufacture of a machine that can completely repeat the actions of a person is very difficult and most likely impossible.

It is also worth noting that the needs of people are constantly increasing and humanity simply cannot have time to create machines that can cover them all. Yes, and if these technologies were very profitable for business, then each company would consider itself obliged to invest money in it, however, there are only a few entrepreneurs around the world who are willing to spend their money on creating robots.


Despite the fact that many studies by American scientists show that in the near future people around the world will face unemployment due to the massive introduction of robots, most likely this will not happen. It is still difficult to imagine technologies that will allow us to create exact copies of people that completely repeat our behavior and emotions.

If we talk about the high performance of machines, then it is achieved only due to the fact that people manage them and configure them so that they work efficiently. Therefore, do not worry about the fact that robots will take over the world and force us off the planet.

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