The Smart Home Technology You Should Adopt and Avoid

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The rise of technology is at hand, along with the evolutionary machine learning and artificial intelligence: our lives have become more comfortable. It all started with a little machine to help minimize human workload, then went straight to maximize comfort in daily life.

No wonder homeowners have started looking forward to homing automation. I mean: who doesn’t like their coffee done before they wake up or turn the lights on without getting out of bed?

But like everything in the world, not all technology is worth it. Here’s all you need to know about which technology to adopt and which to avoid.

Avoid or Adopt

Technology can upgrade your lifestyle to an easy one and the value of your house. Based on your needs, we can decide if a particular tech piece is worth it or a waste of money.

Adopt: Smart Security Systems

A tech-savvy camera, doorbells, door and window sensors, and motion detectors; are all included in the security system. This technology will guarantee peace of mind and a secure smart home for your family.

An unusual motion? Sensors will alert you. Need to look out for kids while at work? Get a camera with live streaming. Some companies, like Nest, offer a two-way audio feature which means you can talk and listen to people through your camera.

You can go a step ahead and look for camera companies that provide professional monitoring services. Although, this service comes with a hefty price.

Avoid: Smart Locks

Smart locks impose many threats and dangers. First of all, they are easy to hack. There has been some discussion over the hacking of smart locks, and believe me, it all starts to make sense once you read this article by Zack Whittaker.

Even though the idea of unlocking your door with your phone sounds fascinating (I, too, have lost my keys multiple times. This idea was compelling, yes) but the thought of someone entering your house unauthorized send creep down my spine.

And let’s not forget, if we’re prone to losing our keys, losing our phones somewhere isn’t entirely impossible: which also has our smart key. So, it’s a big NO!

Adopt: Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats will change the way of your life! Do you want to control your home’s HVAC system from anywhere? Choose this. Want to save on the cooling and heating cost? This product is the one for you!

Saving your billing cost a notch has never been this easy. Away from home? Turn the temperature down a bit. On your way home? Turn the cooling system on and say hello to a welcoming home.

While Amazon has your back with an affordable and easy-to-install Amazon Smart Thermostat, there are more thermostat companies like Ecobee, Nest, and Wyze to consider.

Avoid: Smart Lightbulbs

Controlling your lights through your phone is appealing, but it isn’t for the long run. Having a dimmer switch or multiple decorative lights means smart lightbulbs would be more complex.

Imagine longing for an automatic light bulb and finishes buying a whole set of bridges or hubs to connect it to Wi-Fi. And the hassle of setting this whole thing up could be your worst nightmare.

Therefore, instead of lightbulbs, invest in tech-savvy switches as they are more cost-effective.

Adopt: Smart Home Hubs

This one is my favourite investment; A Home Hub. It allows you to connect all your electronic devices into a single system. How cool is that!

Adjust your thermostat, answer your doorbell, or need to see who’s at the door? You can do all this in one place: The Hub. It is a centralized spot to control your home electronics.

Some popular hubs are introduced by; Samsung, Amazon, and Google, so you can look for the one that suits your home the most.

Avoid: Smart Curtains or Appliances

You’re watching a Sci-Fi movie, and the protagonist wakes up in a lush mansion where the curtains open at sunrise, and he looks outside while sipping his coffee. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, leave it there, too.

Due to their high cost, hassle in installment, and not-so-perfect installment, it is suggestive not to invest in such products. On the other hand, let’s discuss the ”Wi-Fi enabled appliances”, too.

As long as your Fridge doesn’t prepare a shopping list for you, it’s not worth it. Tech-Savvy kitchen appliance offer features that are not so useful. For example, you can manually control the temperature of an air fryer, so why waste a hefty amount for a minor convenience?

Adopt: Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and gas leaks inflict a great deal of danger. CO is an odourless and colourless gas; hence, hard to indicate any leakages. However, it is highly flammable.

You can protect your loved ones from this hazardous gas by installing an electronic smoke detector. They will not only set off their alarms; but sends you a notification on your smartphone, too.

So, even if you’re far away from home, you’d know if there’s a gas leak at home and take the necessary steps as soon as you can.

Avoid: Smart Mattress

At this point, I’m not sure why everything needs to be techie. This electronic mattress will note your heart rate, temperature, and restfulness.

This limited feature cannot justify the amount of money you have to pay (One might lie on the floor than spend so much on a stupid mattress). Also, they sleep tracking reports can be inaccurate.

While the world emphasizes the importance of sleep and its effect on daily life, it is natural that you want one for yourself. But if you’re into making your sleeping routine more complex with scores and numbers, you should try one of these mattresses!


So many technologies are available on the market, including; home hubs, doorbells, cameras, voice assistants, thermostats, and plugs. These are the most beneficial and practical devices to invest in.

Meanwhile, lightbulbs, kitchen appliances, water bottles, and pet feeders could bring more trouble than comfort and are worth avoiding.

In the end, investing in the right technology depends on your requirement. Some people will find a techie fridge useless, while others may find these features worth the extra price.

With careful consideration, you can add the required gadget; that is convenient, practical, and efficient to make a comfortable smart home.

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