10 Best Smart Devices for Your Home

10 Best Smart Devices for Your Home

We live in an age where everything around us is getting smarter by the day. That’s right, you read it well, everything, not everyone. When you think about it, there is a smart version of many devices that we use on a daily basis. These smart devices are often more efficient than their predecessors and we are able to control them with our voice giving commands. We can also control them via their app from work, for instance. Their aim is to make our lives easier and less stressful, providing us with more free time to spend with our friends and families. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best smart devices you can use to upgrade your home – take a look.

The list includes some home security-related devices such as a video doorbell, a smart lock and a home security system. Also, we’ve incorporated smart outdoor lights and smart sun protection, which aim to make your outdoor experience even more pleasant and appealing. When it comes to indoors, there are plenty of smart gadgets available. Depending on our needs and preferences, we can choose them accordingly. You can opt for smart plugs, speakers, thermostat, bulbs, garage door controllers and the handy robot vacuum.

1. Video doorbell

Among the new smart home technology trends is the video doorbell. Having a video doorbell is a great way to check who’s on your door from the comfort of your couch. You can see whether it’s someone you know, a delivery or perhaps an unknown person. Besides this, a video doorbell plays another, more essential role. It serves the purpose of protecting your home from thieves and invaders. Obviously, you are able to see the person at your door and speak to them. However, that’s not all. The video doorbell can record and save footage of people approaching your home while you’re away.

2. Smart lock

One of the top smart devices to make your home secure is definitely a smart lock. A smart lock offers security and flexibility, ensuring a well-connected and secure home. It monitors who enters and leaves your home while you’re away. This useful and effective smart gadget has automatic locking and unlocking features and complex third-party integrations. On top of all, it is fairly easy to install it.

3. Smart outdoor lights

If you have a yard, there are some smart devices you can use there to make it more appealing and suitable to your needs. For instance, every yard needs light. What you need to illuminate the outdoors are smart outdoor lights. These lights can be floodlights, pathway lights, spotlights, and step lights and they are almost always motion-based. When you connect them to the app, they become smart and you can control them with your voice. Some of them can even record instances when they detect motion.

4. Smart sun protection

We are all well aware of the fact that our ozone layer is quite damaged, so harmful sun rays are able to reach the ground. That means that we should protect our skin with sunscreen and cool shade in order to avoid getting our skin damaged. Sunscreen only isn’t enough to protect us, so what we do is install retractable shade sails in our yard. Nowadays, you have the possibility to make this shade smart and easier to control.

5. Smart plugs

Smart plugs have recently gained quite a lot of popularity due to their affordability, simple installation and high efficiency. How do they work? All you need is to purchase a smart plug or plugs, plug them in, as well as the device you want to use smartly and install the accompanying app. In that way, you can set and regulate these devices from your work. For instance, you can turn on the dishwasher, washing machine, roll up the shades, set the temperature and so on.

6. Smart speaker

The use of smart speakers has also been on the rise recently. The first smart models didn’t have quite the quality sound, but the most recent versions have improved considerably. Now you can buy a smart speaker you can control with your voice, that plays incredible sound as well.

7. Smart thermostat

The thermostats have also reached a whole new level with the advancement of technology. You can control a smart thermostat and regulate heat and cold through the app or using your voice. That means that you can regulate the temperature easily from your bed or even work. Forget all about the cold bathroom or kitchen!

8. Smart bulbs

Smart light bulbs have been in use for quite some time. When we say smart, we mean efficient and energy-saving. However, the new smart bulbs come with a few extra features such as the possibility to control them with your voice and to change colours. All kinds of light bulbs can nowadays be found in the smart versions. They are easy to install and you need an app additionally.

9. Garage door controller

A garage door controller is definitely one of the smart devices we’re extremely thankful for. With our voice or through the app we can easily open and close the garage door without having to leave the car, for example. Many people find getting out of the car in snow or rain and opening the garage door as well as closing it quite annoying.

10. Robot vacuum

And lastly the device we’re all familiar with – a robot vacuum. This was one of the first smart devices that were popularized quickly – probably because everyone adores vacuuming! You can program the new, even smarter versions to clean weekly and they are able to detect the dirtiest areas. Also, they can clean all types of flooring in the appropriate way.

These smart devices are gaining huge popularity due to their efficiency and they are becoming even more affordable. They have been developed to make our lives a bit easier and chores-relieved.

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