Best Anti-Theft Software for Android Phones

With emerging technology, tracking software has been a blessing in finding lost or stolen devices. Such software can help us secure or wipe sensitive data from the device if it is reported to be stolen. Based on known statistics from various media houses, 70 million smartphones are lost yearly, with only 7 percent recovered. Another article reported that, in 2020, 39,819 phones were reported missing or stolen, out of which 1,916 were recovered, that too over four crores of monetary loss were reported in the last four years due to mobile theft.

What is Anti-Theft Software for Android Phones?

Anti-theft software solutions can be effective for locating mobiles once lost or stolen. If configured correctly, these solutions can enable data wiping, evidence gathering, and remote device access. Lets understand more about them here.

With the best anti-theft software solutions in place for Android phones, the recovery or tracking can be fastened, eliminating the risk of losing it entirely. Read this article on the best anti-theft software for Android phones.

Best Anti-Theft Software for Android Phones

Best Anti-Theft Software for Android Phones


If a phone is stolen, then thieves might try to unlock the phone at least once. Here’s an app called Crookcatcher, that heavily relies on the alerting system based on the number of attempts of wrong unlocks. Once triggered, the user will get the photograph of the criminal along with the device location. The user can set several unlock attempts, after which an alert will be sent, and displays a fake home screen if the device is unlocked.

The pro feature also enables sound recording and app lock if the break-in is successful.

Get Crookcatcher here.

Anti Theft Alarm

One of the must-have tools when discussing the best anti-theft software for Android phones would be Anti Theft Alarm, which alerts the user when the phone is stolen.

With over 5 million downloads already, this app can ring alarms based on user customizations when the device is charging, moving, or in the proximity of a user. Any suspicious movement detected by the device will alert the user through their provided details.

Get Anti Theft Alarm here.


With over 7 million users, Prey works across all the operating systems. Users can manage, label, organize, and track their devices through an enterprise panel. Prey provides an hourly update of the devices and their movement across different regions. Other features include location history updates, activity records to store as evidence, and affordable plans for students, businesses, and individuals.

Get Prey here.

Pocket Sense

Pocket Sense is a theft alarm application developed by Mirage Stack. Pocket Sense is one of the many products developed for user security, including Third Eye and Ultra Lock.

Users can enable different sense modes for sensing theft and movement, for phones connected in public places for charging, a charging mode can be enabled for alerting.

Get Pocket Sense here.

Where’s My Droid

The two versions offered by Where’s My Droid offer many features like GPS and SIM monitoring, locking and wiping of device data. An unofficial version released on their web page also provides interaction with the application via SMS and log access for calls and SMS.

Where’s My Droid also provides an alarming feature for motion and detects thefts through discovering nearby WiFi and defense.

Get Where’s My Droid here.


Cerberus app claims to provide triple-layer protection to your devices, including capturing the thief’s picture! Through the app, the user can get backups of the lost device and support up to 11 devices under a single account with affordable pricing. Typical other features of an anti-theft solution are, by default, present with Cerberus.

Unfortunately, this app is not available on Play Store. However, enterprises can communicate with all the devices under one command.

Get Cerberus here.

Anti-Theft Solutions by Leading Global Security Market Players

Leading cybersecurity vendors in the market have incorporated this anti-theft feature along with their other offerings and curated a comprehensive package. These vendors are Avast, Norton, Avira, Kaspersky, McAfee, Comodo, Bitdefender, etc.

These companies provide a feature called AppLock wherein folders and apps with sensitive information are locked, thus safeguarding the data even if it lands in the wrong hands.

Towards the Conclusion

As we reach the end of the list mentioning the best anti-theft software for Android phones, it is important to consider user reviews and the reputation of these providers before installing. We hope that through this article, you will find a tool that fulfills all your criteria for device protection. Do let us know which tool you’d prefer in the comments.

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