Different Ways to Scratch That Gaming Itch

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Video games are a massive industry. They are so widespread across the world that they have developed their own culture and a subgroup of the population called gamers. Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies in the world that intersects with entertainment. With many platforms to play on and titles to enjoy, gamers can find many ways to engage with this passion.

Perhaps you are a huge video game fan and want to scratch that gaming itch a bit more. Are there other ways to get the most out of your gaming experience so that you feel even more satisfaction? Let’s talk about a few different ways to scratch that gaming itch so you can enjoy this hobby even more.

Play With Friends

Many activities are best enjoyed with others. While playing video games is often a solo activity, the rise of the Internet and multiplayer titles makes it easier than ever to participate in video games alongside your friends. While playing with friends used to mean sitting in front of the same screen and plugging into one console, now you can connect with each other from your own home. Many friendships have been formed completely through online gaming with individuals meeting strangers in-game and building a connection. Playing games with friends can make gaming more fun because it creates a shared experience where you can respond together to what is happening on the screen while also chatting while you play.

Talk With Others About It

When you are very passionate about a given subject, you just want to talk about it non-stop. However, unless you are playing online, it is possible that you do not know other people in your social circles who will talk about it with you. Gaming is a very specific niche that is not easily understood by non-gamers, so you need to find people who play regularly to have a spirited conversation. Many platforms exist where you can discuss gaming topics with other passionate individuals. Discord is a popular app for both in-game and out-of-game conversing. You could also connect to a unique network through various Usenet providers where you can join newsgroups entirely dedicated to gaming. You can even download content created by other gamers on Usenet. Another good spot for gaming topics is Reddit.

Consider a Career or Side Hustle

Gaming as a hobby can become somewhat addictive. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to lose track of time when you are playing video games, which can have an impact on your social life and your career. Perhaps it is time to consider turning your passion for gaming into a moneymaker. However, it should be noted that this is a very challenging and arduous task depending on how you approach earning an income. Though you can become a streamer and try to generate income from followers and viewers, it might be more fiscally sensible to find a career in the gaming industry like a video game developer, tester, or artist. This allows you to engage the hobby in a new way while also making money from it.

Make Gaming Guides/Tutorials

The great thing about gaming is that there is a wide variety of skill levels out there. Some people are professional gamers who participate in massive tournaments for cash prizes, all while thousands or even millions watch along. Others simply play video games with their kids for pleasure on rainy days. Often, gamers who want to improve their skills will look to others for help. If you have a lot of experience, you could share your knowledge with gaming guides or tutorials. These could take the form of a video or a blog-type post.

Start a Blog/Podcast

Finding a creative outlet is a simple way to scratch that gaming itch outside of just playing. When you have thoughts or opinions that you want to share with others about gaming topics, multiple channels will allow you to do so, specifically blogging and podcasting. A blog is a text-based format where you can share your thoughts or expertise, then post it on a blog platform and share it via social media. A podcast requires a little more planning since you will need a tool to record, edit, and post podcasts. Podcasts are also based on speaking out loud, so you need to plan out what you will say and consider inviting others to your episodes for a more dynamic conversation.

Remember Personal Health

Many gamers are fully in control of their hobbies and stay cognizant of their wellness. However, gaming is the type of hobby that could lead to a sedentary lifestyle. If you spend hours at a time sitting down and staring at a screen, there could be negative consequences. When approached the right way, gaming can be a great way to engage your passions, but you should remember to prioritize physical health by continuing to exercise, eat healthy, and maintain healthy sleep routines. If you do that, you can scratch your gaming itch with the ideas listed above without fearing for your physical health.

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