Online and Mobile Game Development: What’s Important to Know

Person Playing Candy Crush Game on Smartphone
Person Playing Candy Crush Game on Smartphone | Photo by Beata from Pexels

Now it is difficult to find such a person who does not play games. These can be either the simplest games that can be quickly played on the way to work or study, or complex, requiring separate time from the player. Games attract each person with their individuality. Displacing the book into the background, they are in the first place among the means of boredom.

The development of games and applications is the process of its creation. Usually, this is done by a whole team of developers, but it can also be created by an ordinary person. Large projects are created by an experienced team of developers who are hired by a rich firm. It can be simple games for computer platforms, consoles, and tablets.

Online games development

Nowadays, online games designed for a huge audience of players have become very popular. Every six months there is a new game that amazes with its graphics or plot or just the gameplay. Many people are so attracted by such games that they want to create something of their own: a new and interesting one. The process of creating an online game is quite interesting, albeit complicated. Imagine that you are the future developer of the best game. Let’s see what you need to create it.

How to get started in Game Development
How to get started in Game Development.

Skills that will be useful in the development of the game

Programming. For example, C ++/C #. These are the main programming languages used by most game developers. Learning them is easy: just find the right courses on the Internet and spend time learning.

Basic graphics skills. Photoshop, Maya, 3d Max, Blender, are well suited for learning and working.

Audio drains. Free or paid ready-made solutions for voice acting and music.

Experienced game developers are not trying to jump above their heads and create something at once that deserves a loud “wow.” They create the most simple sketches that help in further work. They start with blanks – the so-called working prototype, which will later undergo changes more than once. It is also necessary to save information about the hero. This can be done using a database or files.

Creating gaming applications

The process of creating gaming applications is no less interesting than the development of online games. In addition, they are also popular among smartphone users. At present, there is a huge market for sales by the application. But for some reason, their creation scares newbies. Probably because it seems to them that it is very difficult and for this, they need a big team. However, there are quite a lot of gaming applications that only one person has created.

The most important thing when creating an application is to consider how interesting this application will be in the future. If you do not think about it, the project will fail. In addition, you need to remember that each mobile device is different from the other, and each one needs its own program. Therefore, you need to select only one device for which the application will be created. At the same time, it is worth considering which future users will be of themselves, which operating system they will like and whether this application will be paid for. By the way, developing a VR application will be a good business project.

For any developer, users are primarily important. If they use the Android mobile platform, then even the best and well-written program for iOS will be a dense forest for them. Ready to play? Then read the best fun games at

Game development

When creating your game, every future developer should know that this is a very difficult and long process. However, it is very interesting then to observe how the project works. At the same time, everyone should understand that when creating a game, a concept is needed, which will include a description of the plot itself, game actions, dialogues, as well as a description of the goals and main features of the game. Thanks to this concept, it is possible to present the whole process of work and the final result. Without a clear plan of action, a good game will not work.

You should think about the content because it will include the main part of the game, which will be available to players. It will include music, graphics, video, and script. In addition, you can not exclude support programs, such as advertising, which will help to expand the audience of users.

Next comes programming. Strangely enough, but this part in development takes the second place after the content, under which the code is then written. You can find a whole team of programmers who are ready to help your project for the sake of interest.

Novice developers do not often think about testing, naively believing that it will take much less time than other tasks. This is the most common misconception. The fact is that during the development of the project, all team members gradually get used to the game and eventually stop noticing errors that will catch the eye of the average user. To do this, outsiders are allowed to complete the game. They will study it and give accurate indications of errors and inaccuracies in the project. Their elimination and correction will take a little less time than creating content or writing code.

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