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Top Technology Apps You Must Download

Top Technology Apps? we hear you say, but aren’t all apps a technological marvel in their own way? That is true, but what we’re looking for is the ones that stand out on their own as brilliant technological achievements, or that use great technology ...Read More

Popular Android Lifestyle Applications

Lifestyle will be changed provided a Android Smartphone is in your hands. As in PCs it is brought to optimal use by installing useful apps. You can get many more things pertaining to lifestyle in a android smartphones with special applications. For example, you ...Read More

Samsung Release Free Instant Messaging App ChatON

Following Samsung’s recent announcement that their flagship Galaxy III phone has sold over 20 million units since it’s launch 3 months ago, the technology giant has now refreshed their amazing Instant Messenger app, ChatON. With updated features, this latest offering includes advances such as: ...Read More