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Your Life’s Network – CENDOO

CENDOO is a Switzerland based new Social Network site combining Business and Lifestyle. It aims to bring highly qualified networking for full aspects of life under one platform. Some of the interesting possibilities CENDOO Social Network offers include: -> Virtual access to exclusive knowledge ...Read More

Have Fun Shopping Online @ Shopcorn

Why Offline Shopping is FUN with FRIENDS:Most people prefer Offline shopping as they can interact with their friends, discuss about the product they wanna buy and have fun.     Why Online Shopping is BoringDuring Online shopping you have no one to guide you ...Read More

Tuenti On The Rise

Tuenti which is referred to as “Spanish Facebook” is the fastest rising global search term that has even ranked 4th in the top ten most searched terms in 2008. The total estimated users is over 5 million and rising. Tuenti is a small-scale social ...Read More