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How-to Find Produck Key for Windows XP CD

With this simple tweak you can find the Product key for any Windows XP CD even though you didn’t get the key from the vendor. Actually the product key for any Windows XP CD is given in a text file within the CD itself. ...Read More

How to Hide Your Drives in Windows XP

With this simply yet wonderful registry-tweak you will be able to hide any of your drives in Windows XP. 1) Go to start–>Run.. and type regedit which opens the registry editor window. 2) From the left side pane of it browse to the following ...Read More

How-to Change Logon Screen in Windows XP

First of all download your favorite Windows XP Logon screen from 1) Now go to Start –> Run… and type regedit 2) In the registry editor window go to hkey_local_machine -> software -> microsoft -> windowsNT -> current version ->winlogon(click here) 3) Now ...Read More

Excellent 4-3-3-5 Trick in Windows XP Notepad

1. Open Notepad and type “what are you doing” without quotes. Note: Don’t press enter after typing. 2. Save it with your desired name and close it. 3. Now open that Notepad document again….surprise!! You can’t see anything you have just typed, instead you ...Read More