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Best Digital Camcorders 2013

If you’re shopping for a camcorder, you may find yourself navigating a jungle of technical jargon. Today’s camcorders are sophisticated and full of features that may be confusing to sort out. Camcorder prices range from $75 to $3,500. Here’s a simple list of some ...Read More

Top Lifestyle Gadgets of 2010

Technology has always been quite fascinating especially when it comes to the world of gadgets. Today, the gadget world has become quite dominating and popular, due to the technological advancements made and the vivid services offered. Based on consumer demand and expert reviews the ...Read More

Sony SemiPro DCR VX2100E Handycam

The new Sony SemiPro DCR-VX2100E handycam from Sony computers is loaded with high quality professional video recording and latest technology. The handycam is built with the latest technology Hole Accumulation Diode (HAD) CCD progressive scan features which delivers an exceptional low light performance quality ...Read More