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Is Technology Helpful for CAT and GMAT Coaching?

Technology plays an important role everywhere these days. Specifically talking of the education sector, there is a lot that can be considered as a contribution of the technology. With the help of technology and all sorts of virtual teaching, the teaching becomes an easier ...Read More

Distance Education: A New Era of Education

Today, we are global citizens boundaries are blurring thanks to technology that helps us stay in touch and connect with people from across continents at the click of a mouse or a touch of a smartphone. As technology revolutionizes our lives, would it be ...Read More

uCertify – IT Training Certification Fastest Way

uCertify was established 15 years ago by two brothers. They established this company with the idea of helping students who want to take the IT certification exams. The result was uCertify PrepEngine, an interactive software application that helped their students to learn, track their ...Read More