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PDF Software

PDF is called as Portable Document Format. Most of the files in the internet are in PDF. PDF files are created using Adobe Acrobat or other PDF software.

PDF to Word Converter App – New Update and New Features

PDF to Word Converter App by Cometdocs

In this era of digital technology, document management has become significantly faster and easier. Given that files are digitized in an electronic form, they can be manipulated without difficulty. In other words, editing, creating new documents, merging files, changing the file format and other things has become a child’s play, whether on a desktop computer …

How to Merge PDF files on iOS and Android Devices

PDF Merge Android App Screenshot

Today we are overwhelmed with different information usually locked in PDF files. At first, they seem properly organized by topics or purpose, but what happens when we need to unite them in one place to get profound insights or simply to create a unique document that contains all necessary data? That’s often the case with …