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8D Audio: The Future of Music Technology

One of the biggest audio and music trends that emerged (or re-emerged, more about that in a bit) recently is 8D audio. Playlists dedicated to this type of sound are everywhere from YouTube to Spotify, and the list is growing. Audiophiles and aspiring producers ...Read More

Latest Online Casino Software Trends for 2019

The global casino industry has seen a growth wave within the few of years, serviced by the increase in the availability of casino software, gambling apps, and social gaming. The casino industry is like a capital that never rests. The bright minds in both ...Read More

10 Cyber Security Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Internet has grown exponentially in the recent past and so has the vulnerabilities. We have already seen a lot of security breaches in 2018. The most recent being Quora on 4th December 2018. What’s the solution then? Cyber Security! In simple words, cyber security means the protection against digital attacks. ...Read More