Top 5 Web Hosting Trends You Should Know in 2020

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The web hosting industry is emerging day by day with new tools and techniques with the rising number of websites. As a result, many web hosting providers are offering many advanced features to give a great user experience. Becoming aware of the new web hosting trends is essential for website owners, bloggers as well as web-hosting providers. In 2020, let us know the top 5 web hosting trends.

1. Green Web Hosting

What is Green Web Hosting? Before coming to this question, let us know the reason behind this trend. This question will help us to understand the need for this trend. Do you know that the hosting industry is one of the major causes of environmental pollution and global warming? With the rising demand for websites and blogs, the Webhosting industries are growing like never before.

But how did these companies cause global warming? Let us understand, web hosting companies store data of millions of websites at a physical location. These locations are called data canters, where the data are stored in the servers. As we all know that every electronic gadget requires electricity. So, the hardware of these servers requires a lot of electricity to keep them in a well-maintained temperature and environment.

As a consequence of this energy consumption, a huge amount of CO2 emitted from these data centers which results in global warming. So, to reduce this CO2 emission the Web Hosting companies came up with an idea to reuse and recycle the energy. This is how the Green Web Hosting came into existence.

2. Cloud Hosting

Unlike traditional data centers, cloud hosting is not using a single server to host your data. The data are shared among many servers, and the servers are connected through the internet. There are many benefits of cloud hosting, it is versatile, reliable and scalable. Cloud hosting can process your data faster, offers more storage space and you can choose a short term or long-term hosting plans according to your requirements. The virtual servers do not have a particular location, your data are stored in multiple servers according to your demography. Cloud hosting servers are the most popular web hosting trend because it allows a user to access data from the server anytime.

3. HTTPS as the norm

In Google’s recent update, it indicates the websites that do not contain HTTPS as “Not Secure.” And this affects the rating and credibility of a website a lot. If your website is not upgraded to the “HTTPS” then it can decrease your website traffic and rankings in the search engines.

Using HTTPS has many benefits such as it can increase the trust of your visitors, search engine rankings, data protection, authenticity, etc. As a consequence, it ensures data security and safe from internet hackers. Many hosting companies are providing HTTPS service for free and if you are planning for providing hosting service then you should adopt this web hosting trend.

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4. CMS-specific Backup

The most important thing about a website is taking backup. You can take a backup of your website data manually, however, some hosting companies provide automatic backup service which is a great thing. Moreover, some companies are providing this backup service based on CMS. CMS-specific backup means it takes the backup of the most important information from your website instead of taking the entire backup. Many hosting services take backup in a very short period (hourly basis) and also some of them take a backup when there is a major change in your website. As a result, it uses less disk space to keep your backup. So, for hosting providers, it is one of the great web hosting trends in 2020.

5. DIY Website Builders

The DIY website builder allows you to customize and manage your website easily. This is possible due to the advanced website builders which enable you to drag and drop different elements to your website. Due to these features building and designing a website became super easy and efficient too.

Web hosting providers also offer you such sophisticated platforms where you design and build your website in minutes. The modern website builders solve the problem of coding behind website design. You don’t need any technical coding language to design your website, whether you are an individual or a corporation, designing a website is very easy.


The trend is always your friend, keep this in mind. Staying up to date with web hosting trends is very much important for your future. Using a renewable energy source for data storage, using cloud storage, and advanced security features are the most important trends that can take your business to the next level. The digital market is ever-changing and it will come up with new powerful tools and techniques. It is imperative to keep these trends in your mind to stay competitive in the market.

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